You mean someone has to pay!

ABC News - Mothers working in the New South Wales public service have won the right to breastfeed their baby at work. Changes made to the industrial award for New South Wales public servants mean women will now get 60 minutes a day in addition to meal breaks, to breastfeed their babies or express milk. They will also get access to a suitable private space with comfortable seating and will have to be provided with access to a refrigerator to store the milk.
So all up, they'll get around 2 hours a day for free, 2 hours that someone else has to pay for. To be honest, I don't know why we don't just make it 4 hours, come on people it's all just airy-fairy money anyway, a million here, a billion there, who gives a rats ass where the money comes from. The important thing is that wants, wishes and various feelings are always catered for and funded by someone, anyone else.

In the article, the association for public servants calls upon the private sector to do the same, screw that, somebody pass an effing law or something, make the private sector cough up big time, 5 hours a day. It's about time somebody made those fat sacks of craps pay their fair share to those more deserving.

What's that.... the money.... who's going to pay.... who cares, only nazis and fascists dare to even question. The money comes from wherever it comes from, this is the brave new world folk, we've progressed from all that twaddle about deficits, debts, bonds etc. That boring stuff is just for the egg heads and the heartless. Having to pay it all back is just in the angry fantasies of heartless, racist conservatives, it doesn't affect anyone in the real world.... or does it.
SMH - Greece accepted an unprecedented bailout from the European Union and International Monetary Fund valued at more than €100 billion ($144 billion) to prevent default, agreeing to budget cuts that unions called ''savage.''

The measures are worth €30 billion, or 13 per cent of gross domestic product, and include wage cuts and a three-year freeze on pensions, the Finance Minister, George Papaconstantinou, said in Athens yesterday.

Greece's main sales tax rate will rise to 23 per cent from 21 per cent. ...The Greek government is to scrap bonus 13th and 14th month wages for public sector workers, as well as for retired people from both the public and private sectors, Mr Papaconstantinou said. Illegal construction, which is rampant, would be taxed.

...The draconian cuts gave rise to May Day demonstrations, where thousands marched shouting slogans against austerity measures such as: ''Hands off our rights'' and ''IMF and EU Commission out''.
Ah yes, all those rights & entitlements that everyone wanted but no one gave a rats ass how it would be funded. Like insolent children who maxed out daddy's credit card and are now throwing tantrums when it's time to pay the bill. Not only are they angrily demanding the bill be ignored, they even have the nerve to demand that new toys keep coming.

What worries me is that we see this, but all across the western world, enough of us steadfastly refuse to learn from it. No, it can't happen to us, just give us the money, it'll all be sweet, just give it to us.

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