The pushing of 'sex' on children continues - CHILDREN as young as three have been questioned about kissing and flirting in a project by a Melbourne university researcher. Monash University's Dr Mindy Blaise, who spent five days at an unnamed childcare centre, wants sexuality to be an official subject at kinders and preschool centres. It would include discussions about homosexuality. Dr Blaise said it was important that kids felt "healthy sexuality was not dirty or wrong".
Oh yeah folks, it's crucial, vital to their survival even, for little toddlers to know about sex and more importantly bum-sex. Never mind Lego and learning to read and write, they must know about sex when they're 3 years old! I wonder which idiot parents allowed this questionable character near their children, perhaps ones with loose ideas about children and sex I suppose.

I should add too, this seems to be a new front on the push to get children into sexuality, usually it's in the form of sex education, teaching them all about sex so they know how to do it properly, in the hope that they then won't. Now it seems, there's a sudden yearning, a thirst for knowledge if you will on the part of these types, for childrens views on sex. I'm sure it must keep them up at night, tossing and turning, what do the toddlers think about gay sex!
During her research, Dr Blaise also asked children to photograph things they thought were cool, sexy or pretty, and to discuss a photograph of two crocodiles kissing. She described encouraging a discussion about sexuality, desire and love in relation to the crocodile picture. When one child noted that the crocodiles were a boy and girl, Dr Blaise noted that the children appeared to think only about heterosexuality.
Oh but I'm sure you feel, they must be taught the joys of bum-sex, because you know how hateful and homophobic they might become otherwise. Cut the shit about love, it's really just to lay the groundwork for desire and future promiscuity I think. Would it surprise anyone that this woman is employed by a taxpayer funded University?

Where else but on the dime of the taxpayer would such stupid and quite possibly nefarious activities be permitted. I'm sure if you ask most taxpaying parents out there if you can ask their toddlers about their sexuality, you'll either get kicked in the ass or told to @#$! off, but these cretins have never displayed any concern for the wishes of those who pay their undeserved wages.

Once again parents, it's up to us to ensure such people are not allowed anywhere near our children.

The excuses are always creative and varying, sex-ed, research etc, but the end point from what I've read is that your children end up being sexually active earlier or molested or get into all sorts of trouble, trouble that you and them have to try and clean up when all the sex-ed and research is done and dusted.

Give others past misfortune, I'm instinctively suspicious of such activities, so just go away and leave our children alone.


  1. With typical insidiousness leftists will argue it is harder these days to protect your child from images of sexuality so the point where you have to confront the issue with them is getting earlier. They just want to get close to your children to introduce concepts to them that tear down traditional values. Leftists should leave children alone and stop infecting them with their bent ideologies.

  2. "They just want to get close to your children to introduce concepts to them that tear down traditional values."

    Either that or they're angling to have sex with them. Either one will do for the ultimate goals of the hardcore leftist.

  3. In one of his YA science fiction novels, James Blish has a character note that "the sex instinct can take care of itself, whereas calculus can't." You'd think that would be obvious. But then, the Latin roots of "obvious" mean "overlooked."



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