Broke healthcare can afford first class

Daily Telegraph - NSW Health bureaucrats have spent $22.7 million on first and business class airfares in the past two years as businesses waited for hospitals to pay their bills. The Daily Telegraph has uncovered a whopping $114 million spent on airfares for NSW public servants - including $27 million on first-class and business-class flights overseas. The health bureaucracy are the biggest spenders at a time when it has faced stinging criticism over failing to pay hospital bills - often to small businesses - on time. ...In the same period as the heavy spending on international travel (in 2007-08 and 2008-09), more than 70 per cent of invoices were not being paid by area health services in the required 45 days.
Not a week goes by where we don't hear a story out of the socialized healthcare system of some failing or neglect or lack of equipment. The excuses are usually always that there isn't enough money, the budget, etc. Apart from the fact that it's really surprising that a 'free' system is costing us money, it's even more surprising that this system that's supposedly broke has money for first class tickets and such for public servants.

But that's leftist government for you, they have money for useless parasites to fly around the world, they have plenty of money to house illegal immigrants in nice hotels, they have money to teach Africans to ride bicycles and lots of other useless shit, but when it comes to getting a hip replacement or eye surgery, the taxpayers are left whistling in the wind.

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