Why stop at nuclear weapons

Times Online - The US revealed the size of its nuclear arsenal last night in an unprecedented attempt to galvanise efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, announced the declassification of one of the Pentagon’s most closely guarded secrets at the opening day of a critical international meeting on global disarmament. ...President Obama argued forcefully that the revelation would place Washington at the head of global efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons by demonstrating how much of its arsenal it has sent for dismantling, setting a standard to others for openness.
So why stop at nuclear weapons, why not disclose the number of bombers, tanks, fighters, spies, foreign assets and every other military secret that the United States has that can be in any way threatening. It's only logical, if you really believe that dismantling the nukes and baring your ass cheeks is the road to world peace, why not scale back the tanks and battleships too. It seems they really believe that America with its guns and bombs is standing in the way of world peace and harmony.

Like all the worlds gangsters are just itching to lay their arms down, put aside their violent ways and hold our hands, just waitin' on Uncle Sam to lay them down first. I don't know what zero and his dumb cow are going to do if no one around the world decides to bare their asses military secrets along with them, maybe joe biden is busy building a time machine so they can rewind and cancel this stunt.
Yesterday he issued a written statement to the conference warning nations that the pursuit of a nuclear arsenal would only lead to international isolation and urging those who already had them to disarm.
Oooooohhhhhh, scary stuff there folks, I can just hear Kim from North Korea shitting himself, oh my godless, the great zero and his stupid cow have just sent a written statement. @#$&ing hell people, he pulled out the pen and put it to paper, take that amadinejad you mother@#$!%!

You can take this to the bank, no small nation with a brain is going to follow these morons, if they have any brains they'll see the disarming of America as a clear indication for them to arm themselves with weapons that let them punch above their weight, i.e nuclear weapons. This buffoon can prattle on about isolation and kumbaya, but when it's your ass that's living next to world gangsters, you best get some muscle or you become their whore. It's that simple.

Heck, I'm sure even your garden-variety liberal isn't that stupid, if crack-dealers and gang-bangers move in next door and the cops tell you to fend for yourself, not even the dumbest liberal will put 'gun-free' stickers on his house. Strangely, zero expects people to do exactly that.

I remember a long time ago, when George Bush didn't put pen to paper but sent some hard steel into Iraq and cleaned out a scumbag that had the entire planet befuddled, all the protesting and carrying on by leftist cockroaches. Remember the morons prancing around like monkeys calling for world peace, 'books not bombs' and 'make love not war'? Mostly university students and losers who never made anything of themselves after studying gender issues and 'femininity in the underworld'(?) at university.
The details of the US arsenal are the most dramatic of a series of recent initiatives to give weight to Mr Obama’s vow to work for a world free of nuclear weapons, a goal he first committed to as a student.
And there you have it folks, I can only conclude that the United States is being led by one of those very idiots drunk on retarded leftist ideology and sky-high on pot. !@#$sakes America, please wake up before the next election, for all our sakes.

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