Savage the budget or go Greek

Times Online - AT least 300,000 Whitehall and other public sector workers may lose their jobs as the coalition government sets to work cutting the £156 billion budget deficit. As George Osborne, the chancellor, prepares to unveil the first £6 billion of cuts tomorrow, the full scale of the job losses that will follow has begun to emerge. The initial savings to be announced will target such items as civil servants’ perks, which include taxis, flights and hotel accommodation. The package will also include a £513m cut in the budgets for quangos, with some being abolished altogether.
You know your really wasting money when you are officially spending money on positions or people that don't even make sense. Did anyone ever know what the heck is a 'quango'? I've heard the term mentioned on some British blogs, but I always thought it was a term of insult they used over there, like wanker, ratbag or bludger in Australia. I never thought a 'quango' was an actual position or job, or even an actual organization.

From what I've just googled, a quango is a quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation and apparently these quangos cost the British taxpayer upwards of about 50 billion pounds a year. Yes, a non-governmental organization that costs the taxpayer money. Naturally they're not accountable to the government nor the taxpayers who have to fund them. And the amount of money given to them has grown under the labour government, yeah real shock that eh.

To be fair, the conservative governments have also funded them. However if it was me running the joint and facing a deficit of 156 billion pounds, the first to get the kick would be the quangos, that's around 50 billion savaged off the deficit right away. None the less, I hope the British government makes savage cuts into its services and into the parasites sucking off the taxpayers.

It's going to be hard and painful, but they either do this or they go the way of Greece, there simply are no other options. You know what the sad thing is, if they do this, they'll be pilloried and hated until their term ends, such is the fate of responsible adults who have to clean up the mess left by the teenage prats before them in the western world.

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