The real kevin rudd [April 2009] - Mr Rudd said people smugglers were the "vilest form of humanity" and should all "rot in hell". He also called them "the scum of the earth".

You couldn't be blamed for thinking the fellow was going to whip the tripe out of people smugglers after hearing that. But that's not the real kevin rudd.

Nine News [May 7, 2010] - The boat carrying 26 asylum seekers was intercepted off Western Australia's Kimberley coast on Thursday night after being spotted by a Dash 8 plane. It was the 51st boat to arrive in Australian waters in 2010.

SMH [May 10, 2010] - Australian authorities have intercepted another two boatloads of suspected asylum seekers within the space of a few hours. ...The boats are the 53rd and 54th to have attempted to reach Australia this year. [May 11, 2010] - THE Federal Government is defending a decision to house 79 asylum seekers in a four-star Queensland motel [costing 1.2 million dollars], saying they are vulnerable families with children. "We don't think they should ever be put behind razor wire," Small Business Minister Craig Emerson told Sky News today.

The real kevin rudd is just an hollow, gutless wonder. All mouth and strutting around but when the time comes to roll up the sleeves, he's weaker than trickling water.

Hard to believe that people voted for this waste of space.


  1. Krunt pretends he's getting tough on illegals by budgeting an extra billion or so of our money on border protection. The slimebag doesn't explain this money will be spent on motel accommodation for asylum seekers.

  2. And i can't believe that no one has stopped to ask him how come the previous government didn't have to spend all these millions to secure the border.


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