Your sex life 'hit by global warming'

You won't believe the U.S. government's new claims about climate change. Having been born and bred in the tropics, however, I can assure one and all that a warmer climate is in fact VERY GOOD for people's sex lives.

The official report lists about every ailment imaginable as worsened by global warming but I have excerpted below only the most amusing bit.

Northern Australia is one of the few tropical locales inhabited mostly by white people living at a Western standard of living so it is an excellent test of what a warmer climate would do to other white people living at a Western standard of living. I concede that the inhabitants of our far North may sometimes be a little eccentric but their physical health is fine. None of us die from the cold, that's for sure.

What utter bulldust government scientists can be dragooned into uttering! The reality of Northern Australia completely trumps all their far-fetched theories

I could go on and on about this but the lickspittle government scientists claim that extreme weather event cause sexual dysfunction. As it happens, Australia's Far North is in fact rather prone to VERY extreme weather events: cyclones. And right after the last big blow there was an upsurge of pregnancies! Again, facts trump theory -- JR

Global warming may make the world's inhabitants cranky and stressed, drive them crazy, give them cancer and even worsen their suffering from sexual dysfunction, according to a new government report on climate change – but the scientists say more money is needed before they can be certain.

Government scientists from several taxpayer-funded agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute of Environmental Health Science, the State Department and the Environmental Protection Agency, compiled an 80-page report titled, "A Human Health Perspective on Climate Change: A Report Outlining the Research Needs on the Human Health Effects of Climate Change." ....

Mental health and stress

"Psychological impacts of climate change, ranging from mild stress to chronic stress or other mental disorders, are generally indirect and have only recently been considered among the collection of health impacts of climate change," the report warns. "Mental health concerns are among some of the most potentially devastating effects in terms of human suffering, and among the most difficult to quantify and address."

The scientists claim extreme weather events such as hurricanes, wildfires and flooding may cause anxiety and emotional stress and an increase in post-traumatic stress disorder, complicated grief, depression, poor concentration, sleep difficulties, sexual dysfunction, social avoidance, irritability and drug and alcohol abuse.


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  1. "I can assure one and all that a warmer climate is in fact VERY GOOD for people's sex lives."

    This is how stupid lefties are, most of the time the idiots are just looking for an easy way to get laid, but when one is put before them they recoil in terror.


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