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Daily Mail - Jeremy Clarkson has lost his battle to ban walkers from using a footpath around his holiday home on the Isle of Man. A public inquiry ruled today that the Top Gear presenter must reopen a section the coastal path near his lighthouse property. Mr Clarkson had complained that some ramblers were invading his privacy by peering into his kitchen window and taking photographs.

His decision to prevent access on part of the path along the Langness peninsula in 2005 provoked immediate opposition from pressure group Public Rights Of Way Langness (Prowl) and an inquiry was ordered. Prowl argued that walkers had followed the route for generations and it met legal requirements that it was used by the public without interruption for at least 21 years.
When a person's land is not really their land, when the king, or the state or a bunch of organized weasels can vote/legislate their way onto your land, it's a sure sign that your nation as a whole is going down the crapper, perhaps gone already.

Anyone in Britain with half a brain will know that Clarkson is a rich man, and if even he cannot have the right to do with his land as he pleases, what hope does some poor sod with a country home have.

The key as I understand it to the strength, success, superiority and prosperity of the western world comes from this fundamental right to a persons land. If you work for your money and decide to buy a piece of land, only to find out that it's not really yours to live on or fence off, why tend to it, why care for it, why improve it, why nurture it, when it won't really be you benefiting from your work.

Following on from this, if you can't care for your land that you worked for and acquired legitimately, why care for your village, why care for the cleanliness of the town square, why care for the town, why care for the state, why care for the nation. After all, you don't seem to have any rights to anything anyway. Heck, in Britain, you cannot even state publicly or privately that you don't support gay bum-sex, yes really. Hat tip NZ Conservative.

So when an outside culture, people, religion, whatever decides to encroach upon your nation and culture, why would you feel the need to defend it, why fight the outsider, I have no rights, can't even dislike a different lifestyle, not my land, not my problem. After all, if you're not under the boot heel of the outsider, you're just under the boot heel of some fascist insider.


  1. I thought the law in Britain was that you had to CLOSE access to your property (such as pathways) at least one day per year or it would revert to public ownership.

    Anyway, this rule probably extends back hundreds of years, MK. I doubt it is some newly minted law to destroy freedom by insane leftists. But ignoring Clarkson's right to privacy from the aptly named PROWL is obviously a leftist idea. He's rich so he must be punished. Too bad for Clarkson he doesn't run an abortion mill or gay bathhouse then I'm sure his request for privacy would be upheld.

  2. "...you had to CLOSE access to your property (such as pathways) at least one day per year or it would revert to public ownership."

    What the, that sounds even more insane, if i own a house and don't want a fence, i can't do that?

    Good luck to the petrol station owners, if the state decides to enforce this mad law.

  3. And i should add, i wasn't blaming lefties for this, even though they have little respect for private ownership, it seems this casual attitude towards property rights seems to be among us conservatives too.

    I've heard of numerous cases where the nanny state muscles in on farmers and other land owners for whatever stupid reason, and not much is said by the conservative opposition against such interference and meddling.

    And i think that is a shame, we should defend the rights of the land owner to do with his/her land as they please.

  4. If your property has a right-of-way on it, you have to close it one day per year or it will revert to public ownership. King John will come with his horsemen and take it, I think. The R-O-W provisions are fair enough, but if people are abusing it, ie by taking photos of Clarkson's house, then he should be able to block access. I'd say for sure leftists are involved in this decision against Clarkson.

    OK, OK, I have a bias against leftists. So sue me.

  5. Yeah i don't think it'll be a big shock to find out they voted labour or lib-dem or greens at the last election. :)


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