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News.com.au - SIR Bob Geldof has made an impassioned, off-the-cuff speech in Brisbane this morning, labelling Australians treatment of Aborigines as "economically stupid" and "absurd". The Live Aid humanitarian said Australia has “exiled” indigenous Australians from the nation. "They were forced to be exiled from themselves and that must stop," he said.
Sorry to burst your angry, whiny bubble bob, but no one has exiled them from Australia, they are free to come and go as they please, they are free to work, start businesses, learn etc. Nothing and no one is stopping them from doing any of this, apart from in your pot-induced(?) fantasy world.

If anything it's the leftist crowd who have encouraged them to remain out in the bush living off welfare and sponging their lives away.
"You need to pull them back into themselves because you’ve acknowledged them as being.
What the heck does even mean.
"The spiritual core of yourselves will only be filled when this is done."
Pass the bong bob, you're just hogging it now.
"He urged the “rich bastards” in attendance at the breakfast to contribute wholeheartedly to Mr Forrest’s fight to end indigenous disparity."
Such hatred of success and wealth bob, maybe you should have the bong back, contrary to what an angry fascist like yourself might think, those who are wealthy have no obligation to part with their money, if they want to they can, if they don't want to then you can't make them. Feel free to give all your money to them though, I'm sure you're not a "rich bastard", are you bob.
"I said on the radio back in 1984 that to die of want in a world of surplus is not only intellectually absurd, it is morally repulsive. Well let’s add economically illiterate to that," Sir Bob said. You’ve removed from your society of 'having a go' 500,000 thousand of your own. That is absurd. It’s economically stupid.''
As I said earlier bob, they are free to have a go, it's not us holding them back. The rest of us are busy working and paying for their welfare through our taxes, and you have the nerve to come here and caterwaul that we're not giving them a go!

Just fuck off back to where you came from bob and take your stupid ranting about the spiritual core and the pigs backside with you. And I sure hope people didn't pay a lot of money to hear this fool, I'd be asking for my money back, 'sir' bob my ass.

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