Good riddance to bad rubbish

He always was "holier than thou" -- a supercilious old b*stard. I regret that I once shook his hand. After his wimpish Prime Minstership, he has been loathed by many Australian conservatives for a long time

FORMER Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser has quit the party, allegedly over a belief it has tilted too far to the right.

Mr Fraser resigned in December, shortly after Malcolm Turnbull was turfed as Opposition leader over his support for emissions trading, The Australian Financial Review reported.

He allegedly told friends his replacement, Tony Abbott, was "all over the place" on policy and disliked the racist overtones adopted by the party in the debate on immigration.

Mr Fraser, the prime minister from 1975 to 1983, confirmed his decision to quit yesterday, saying the party was no longer a liberal party but a conservative party.

Although he failed to elaborate, he has recently been critical of the Coalition in the media, particularly over its stance on the Israeli passports affair.


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  1. He's not a conservative and the Liberal Party was not founded as a conservative party.

  2. Yeah good riddance, so long, don't call us, good luck, i'm sure labor would love to have you.

  3. Labor only want him as a weapon to use against the current Liberals, MK. His resignation will make Fraser less useful to them.

  4. Yeah, it'd be really good if they made that lack of interest in him more visible now. I really want such sycophants to get their just deserts. Another one of those is malcolm turnbull. Unfortunately he doesn't want to leave.

  5. Fraser helped rescue Australia from Gough Whitlam's cast of clowns, but beyond that, his prime ministership was, at best, unremarkable. His contemptuous attitude towards the people he was meant to serve didn't help his image, nor did it do much for the conservative side of Australian politics. Still, he must have made an impression on Easter Island, because they've got statues of him everywhere.


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