Illiocentrism on "liberals"

It doesn't matter that most "liberals" are "good people" with "good intentions" -- all "liberals" act as social enablers for the mankind-hating, power-seeking, liberty-denying leftists who set their agendas.

"Liberals" are inconsistent leftists -- it is never leftism itself which they oppose, in principle, but only that they want sometimes to defer or escape some of the logical consequences of leftism. And so, since the "liberals" have no principled opposition to the demands which logically follow from the commitments of leftism, the "hard-core" leftists can always ratched them (and society) ever-leftward, and the "liberals" will always find a way to justify the new outrage.

For, after all, Gentle Reader, the *real* enemy is you and me. And those "wicked" "racist" "angry" "white" "hateful" "ignorant" "teaba-" ... Tea Partiers.

Read it all, with thanks, at Illiocentrism.

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  1. That's all liberals care about is "good intentions" no matter whether the outcome destroys lives and opposes everything related to liberty and freedom. They freaking irk me so bad. Liberals live in some kind of fantasy land while conservatives live in reality.


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