Not zeros problem

Times Online - Speaking in Seoul, alongside the South Korean foreign minister, the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, called on the international community to take retaliatory action against Pyongyang, which is accused of causing the deaths of 46 sailors in an unprovoked torpedo attack on the corvette Cheonan in March. But she failed to specify any concrete measures, underlining how few options, short of full scale war, are available in dealing with the North. “This was an unacceptable provocation by North Korea and the international community has a responsibility and a duty to respond,” Mrs Clinton said in Seoul after talks with her South Korean counterpart, Yu Myung Hwan.
Yes, yes, yes, unacceptable, naughty, naughty, *wag finger*, tisk-tisk, tut-tut, blah, blah. Yes everyone has a responsibility and a duty to respond, we must all do something! For @#$%sakes somebody do something! So that's what the zero obama administration has come down to. Back when zero was elected, he was going to make the sun shine out of his ass, he was going to calm the seas, he was going to set an example, lead the way, justice for terrorists, fight fire with words, he was going to restore something or other about America's image.

Leftist scum and their liberal boot-polishers the world over were breathing sighs of relief, thank godless the Bush years are over, the cowboy has been sent back to Texas, sanity has been restored, the adults are back in charge, meetings will be held, press conferences, the one is here, the sponging pen-pushers diplomatic armada will be restored and deployed to solve all the worlds problems. And here we have the glorious results, a lot of huffing and puffing that will lead to sweet bugger all.

A word to the silly cow of state, what the @#$% did you go to Seoul for? You just wasted a couple of million dollars getting your fat ass along with your staff over there to ultimately tell the bastards up north that you won't do shit. Next time, just stay at home and pass a note out to the media camped outside, that you won't do a damn thing, far too busy screwing over the only country that has the means to do anything, even if it currently doesn't have the balls.

There's a lesson in this for the rest of us western fools, if we have the brains to see it. Ain't holding my breath on it though, we're also far too busy dreaming up new ways to screw over the productive to pay for all those precious 'services' that we suddenly can't do without in this progressive era.


  1. "Thank godless" and "zero"...very clever.

    But the point is: does America even have the power to leave North Korea shivering in its boots? Can America open up a third war front? Or do you expect a salvo of missiles to be fired at once from D.C. to Pyongyang?

  2. If not America, then no one else, that's for sure.


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