Liberals can fund illegal immigrants

Fox News - Arizona’s illegal immigrant population is costing the state’s taxpayers even more than once thought -- a whopping $2.7 billion, according to researchers at the public interest group that helped write the state's new immigration law. Researchers at FAIR – The Federation for American Immigration Reform -- released data exclusively to that show a steady cost climb in multiple areas, including incarceration, education and health, in the last five years. FAIR’s cost estimates – compiled for a comprehensive national immigration report it plans to release next month – include several new cost areas, including welfare and the justice system, that weren’t in previous reports.
Well there you have it liberals, illegal immigration is costing the state of Arizona $2.7 billion, now I don't speak for the state of Arizona but I think I have a way for their hated immigration law to be repealed, overturned, tossed out etc. Yes, I know it's only liberal fascists who hate the law, but bear with me while I explain. The way I see it, liberals should immediately start an illegal immigrant fund, entirely voluntary, non-governmental and funded by liberals who hate Arizona's immigration law, fret over it during the day and can't sleep at night because of it.

I also feel this fund should be open to liberals and leftists all across the planet, after all they're smearing the taxpayers of Arizona for refusing to fund the illegals. So this way liberals and leftists the world over can put their money where their mouths are raising money for Mexicans and also prove that they're not racists and bigots.

If they can raise the above mentioned $2.7 or even $2.5 billion dollars, I'm sure the good people of Arizona will at least consider dropping the new law if they can help themselves to this $2.5 billion dollar per year fund. Naturally if the funding drops by the end of any financial year, the law comes back into play but I'm sure liberals will never let that happen, they're not racists or bigots right so I'm certain they'll do their part to raise the necessary funds to keep their beloved mexicans in the state of Arizona.

Now that I think about, why the state of Arizona, if they like, I don't see why liberals cannot use this illegal immigrant fund to pay for all the illegals in Arizona to move to one of the liberal cities like San Francisco or even president obama's home city of Chicago, think of the sea views in San-Fran. This way, the illegals can live really close to all the liberals who love them and they can all enjoy that glorious multi-cultural melting-pot we always hear about. I'm certain it'll be such fun for liberals, so they shouldn't waste any time and get to it.


  1. Leftist liberals do fund illegal immigrants by employing them on low wages to do yard work, clean their houses, wash their cars.

  2. And i'm sure they don't pay minimum-wage, so that leaves money left over to put into the illegal immigrant fund plus a bit extra. What's a few hundred between multi-cultists.


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