Blood money brings out the pro-death fascists

LifeNews - The premier of the movie "Blood Money," which exposes the abortion industry, has been canceled after the theater was threatened by abortion advocates. Roman Jaquez, an independent film maker and artist produced the documentary -- which contains interviews of whistle-blowing former employees of abortion centers.

They expose the deceitful tactics used by Planned Parenthood to increase its profits without regard to ethical practices. Sal Munafo and Earl Wallace emailed with news of the cancellation.

"Despite one of the film's showings already having sold out and steady ticket pre-sales, a representative of the Spectrum Theater in Albany informed Roman this past Friday that, after receiving phone calls from pro-abortion interests who threatened to protest and disrupt the showing of the film, it has decided to cancel the premier," they said.

I think it should be noted that this is yet another common behavior the progressives share with islamic fundamentalists, depict their most treasured heroes in a bad light and out come the death threats and/or those of violence.

Spread the word folks, we cannot let the pro-death fascists muzzle the shameful truth.

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