Female genital mutilation

News.com.au - AUSTRALIAN doctors are considering a controversial form of genital mutilation on baby girls. The practice involving cutting a girl's genitals, sometimes with razors or pieces of glass, could be allowed in a clinical setting to stem illegal backyard procedures which are leaving young girls scarred for life.

...Female genital mutilation has been outlawed in Australia since the 1990s but is common among African, Asian and Middle Eastern communities. With the rise in Somali and Sudanese numbers in Australia, doctors are seeing more cases of young girls, and women, needing surgery after illegal operations. Backers of "ritual nick" said it was a superficial procedure leaving no long-term damage.
Just an update on this, I just heard on the radio, a spokesman for The Royal Australian New Zealand College of Obstetricians has just informed us that this is not going to happen here, period. I can tell you they've saved themselves a lot of trouble, the talkback lines were running white-hot this morning on this. However I'd like to make some points on this practice patient reader.

This may be turfed but don't take your eye off the socialists, leftists, liberals and progressives out there in the western world. You and I both know that they are susceptible to any evil, so long as it's framed in a multi-cultural, non-racist, tolerant light. I can already hear the arguments and half-baked one-liners they'll be toying with to justify turning a blind eye.

- Banning FGM is not going to stop it, the back yard mutilations will continue and the only way is for the taxpayer to start paying for it.
- We have no right to make moral judgments on other cultures, showing tolerance will set an example to the barbaric savages beautiful brown people.
- We shouldn't impose our morality on other people, after all what is right and what is wrong, it's all very confusing and thinking about it too much makes my head hurt.
- Preventing small girls from being mutilated will stigmatize and alienate them in their own societies as 'unmutilated' and therefore not as attractive or wanted.
- FGM is really about womens rights and choice in the same way as abortion.
- And lastly, you know it's coming because we've heard it before, if you don't like FGM then don't have one.

Liberals and other weak-spined weasels aside, I think the response of the western world needs to take all this into account, I don't believe that we can just ban the practice and walk away, end of the issue. This would still leave the little baby girls vulnerable to their savage parents taking them overseas and getting this done or doing it themselves and scarring them for life. Just think, our laws are so weak on pedophiles as it is, what make you think our justice systems can stamp this out through jail time.

I made a comment on this very issue the other day and I've been thinking about this ever since. The way I see it, we first need to put laws in place to catch these cases. Make it a requirement of the law that health workers from doctors to nurses must report cases of FGM and also that suspected cases are investigated and prosecuted if FGM has occurred.

We also need to go back in our history to learn the best way to stamp this barbarity out not just push it into the shadows. We in the west will also need to temporarily put our various delicacies and precious feelings aside, for the sake of small babies.

We tell the savages, you carry on with your cultural practices, but if we catch one of you who's done this FGM crap, we'll put your ass in jail, then we'll tell the inmates that you're a child-raper, then a week or two into your sentence, the coroner will be scratching his head trying to figure out whether you died from the slit throat or the slit genitals. You practice your culture, we'll practice ours.

I'll put good money down that after a few of these hitting the news, the recently arrived immigrants will wake up one fine morning and decide to leave their culture practices back where it came from and adopt the norms of their new homeland. Nothing quite as sobering as having the evil you want to do to others being visited upon you.

But like I said, this will require the people of the west to put their precious feelings and delicacies aside. Just think about those that came before us, they too confronted such savagery, cannibalism, human sacrifices, child sacrifices etc. They confronted far worse and they knew what needed to be done to stamp it out.

I sure hope we haven't progressed since their time leaving our stomachs and spines behind.


  1. They were mirroring a US professional medical group who just came out for doing it "because it was safer to do it in the USA than have the poor kids operated on overseas" Another similar group said this was ridiculous.

    I wonder if the first group was just looking at the loss in revenue.

  2. Trying to have a doctor do a partial procedure will not stop the practice. All it will do is serve to condone the practice and the barbaric culture it came from. The parents will go out and have the full procedure done anyway. People need to just stand up and say this is unacceptable in any form.


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