Shame those hypocrites

Fox News - A nationwide petition has been launched by the Catholic League after the Empire State Building denied a request to commemorate Mother Teresa's 100th birthday. Bill Donohue, president of the New York-based Catholic civil rights organization, submitted an application to the Empire State Building Lighting Partners in February to have the skyscraper feature blue and white lights -- the colors of Mother Teresa's congregation -- on Aug. 26 to commemorate her centennial.

...Donohue noted that the iconic building in midtown Manhattan changed its colors to red and yellow last year to honor the 60th anniversary of China's Communist Revolution. "Yet under its founder, Mao Zedong, the Communists killed 77 million people," Donohue said in a statement. "In other words, the greatest mass murderer in history merited the same tribute being denied to Mother Teresa."
Ah you see Mother Teresa saved countless lives, that's the problem you see, she needed to be a mass-murdering, totalitarian scumbag killing millions in the name of revolution you see, to be fawned upon by the left. Moving on to the next hypocrite, who also seems to have a certain fondness for Communism.

Fox News - The outrage over an Illinois school administrator's decision to cancel a girls' basketball team's trip to Arizona has caught fire on the Internet, where a Facebook group has been set up to call for her ouster. "You send kids to China but your beliefs and values dont align with Arizona? That just proves you have no business working at a school," reads the Facebook group's description.

In a statement released Wednesday, the superintendent of District 113 in Illinois, which oversees Highland Park High School, defended Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson's decision not to send the championship team to a tournament in Arizona in December and said it was not a political statement in response to that state's new immigration law. "Rather, under long standing constitutional law, all school districts are required to provide an education to all children within the District's borders regardless of immigration status," Superintendent George Fornero said in his statement.

From the news report, none of the students are illegal immigrants and it was entirely voluntary so if they felt threatened, they could opt out of it. But that's not good enough for said hypocrite and morally bankrupt administrator. She's probably upset that the state of Arizona dares to do what's in their own interest and simply won't bend to the fascist will of her ilk, so in a childish lash-out, everyone must pay. Either that or someone needs to look into the immigration status of this school administrator.

Naturally both parties are ducking and diving for cover, not because they're sorry or something, but that's what people like these do, sort of like turning on the lights when thieves are skulking about, they scatter like roaches.

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