Two-party ain't looking so bad now

I for one have been one of the people who was of the opinion that America's two-party system ain't so great when both are not much different, but I gotta say, I'm learning from Britain's experience. They've just had an election, where the Conservatives won the most number of seats. To put it lightly, they absolutely savaged the opposition leftists who we know now, dragged that country so far down the crapper, they can't even get out of it.

Daily Mail - Millions thought they were voting for change and more honest and open politics. But the reality of a hung Parliament dawned as a defiant Gordon Brown claimed squatters' rights in Downing Street while the nation's future was being stitched up behind closed doors. The most tumultuous election anyone could remember ended in a weekend of 1970s-style horse-trading between the parties and a dangerous period of uncertainty.
The Conservatives gained 100 seats, yes 100 seats, apparently they did better than Margaret Thatcher, that's hard to even fathom, if that's not a clear mandate, I don't know what the heck is. But they only won 36% of the vote, the leftist scum in labour won 29%. But you know what the crazy thing is, the Conservatives can't claim victory, even with a clear majority, they just don't have enough seats to govern.
David Cameron made an astonishing power-sharing offer to the Liberal Democrats, while Mr Brown shamelessly refused to budge as Prime Minister after leading Labour to its worst drubbing since 1983. Nick Clegg emerged as the kingmaker, despite seeing his X Factor-style poll bounce collapse and ending with fewer MPs than when he started. The Tory leader phoned Mr Clegg last night to propose a historic deal that could see senior Lib Dems handed Cabinet seats.
And now you know why, some other third, piece of shit, spare wheel party won 23% of the vote and therefore there is no clear winner. The party that actually lost seats in the election gets to have a part in governing the country. To make matters worse, if this third party decides to make a deal with the cockroach gordon brown and the leftist scum, the cockroach gordon brown can actually remain as Prime Minister of Britain! It's just absolute madness I tell you.

Which ever way the Brits go, they're screwed, there will be no clear mandate, no strong popular support for any government that is formed, because those that did not earn the right to govern will get to govern. I'm no constitutional know-anything about America, but if the founders designed their political system to be a two-party system, I can see why and thank heavens for that.


  1. It's fair enough, MK. People get the government they deserve* and if enough twats still want to vote for Brown's Labour then what do they expect? Brown is just another craven politician who will cling to power until his last breath. We have already seen in the Krunt govt the depths politicians in a democracy will stoop to. UK leftists are no different.

    *That said, no one deserves the Krunt govt.

  2. They're definitely getting the government they deserve ar, that much is for sure. I pity the conservatives though, they'll still have to carry the worthless cockroaches for another 4 years.

    "That said, no one deserves the Krunt govt."

    I'll second that sentiment.

  3. I have to disagree about the Krunt government. The pricks who voted him in deserve everything they get. Three years ago, it was all Kevin07, gotta get rid of that nasty old Howard, fix up the mess he made of our country, undo all the damage John Howard did to the fabric of our society, change, change, change, blah, blah, blah, ....

    Now, everyone is whingeing about Rudd, rooting the economy, breaking promises, no substance, policy on the run, abuses his staff. Oh the humanity! He was just a big bag of hot air along, but it's obvious that a large proportion of the bozos who who are bleating and braying about him today, must have voted for him in the first place.

    They made their choice, and now they've got to live with it.

    Unfortunately, you and I have to watch our country turn to shit.

  4. You certainly have a point Phil, rudd didn't take over by coup or something, he was voted in.

    I suppose in the defense of the rudd voters, they fell for the media campaign for rudd and they also fell for his outright lies and misinterpretations.

    It's taken people a long time and a lot of stuff ups to wake up to him, so i hope they choose not to live with him for another 3 years and i hope that's not some temporary thing.

  5. If Krunt wins the next election he will last as leader only slightly longer than Tony Abbott will last as Liberal leader if he loses. Krunt will be gone within 6 months of a Labor victory. That's if he doesn't go prior to the election.

    And remember, the voters might not have been so much pro-Krunt as anti-Howard. The media did a hatchet job on Howard and it eventually paid off for Krunt. I'll never forget Howard's final appearance at the Canberra Press Club lunch where every single question he got referred to the Lindsay leaflet scandal.

    Krunt however can swan around hospitals doing photo ops for so-called journalists looking to file copy while not fielding a single question about failing his "Great Moral Challenge". This occurs even after the glee club journos have started waking up to the empty hollowness of the man. Despicable.


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