Warmists lose the public

News.com.au - AUSTRALIANS are rebelling against the idea they should pay to fight global warming, entrenching the Federal Government's woes on the issue. A new survey showed more than a third of voters don't want to pay for climate-change bills. The authoritative Galaxy opinion survey also found that those who buy the family groceries and low-income earners are in the forefront of the new resistance.
All along I've maintained that it's very easy to jump onto the band wagon and go with the herd and most people did this according to the polls back then. It's perfectly understandable because your average Joe doesn't have the time to go through mountains of scientific data which can be corrupted anyway as we saw with climate-gate. Then they have to put the case to scumbag leftists who are smearing them as deniers, nazis and everything else they can smear them with.

So most would just go along with it, just to get the screaming nutjobs to shut up and move along. But that's not the case when the nutjobs want your wallet before they move along. It took us Aussies a long time but it seems enough of us have done it, we've sat down, figured out ass from elbow, let some common sense wander in and bloody hell, what's this bullsh!t about changing the weather, I have to pay for this!

Nothing quite sobering like having to fork out your hard-earned for some crack-induced stupidity. So long warmists, you roaches are losing on all fronts now, good luck trying to get any politician to support this crap anymore, none who have ambitions of retaining higher office will be running to join.

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