Choosing your battles carefully

Fox News - Why are crosses across the country finding themselves in the crosshairs? The mount soledad cross in san diego, the mojave desert cross and now Bald Knob Cross of Peace in Illinois. The Illinois cross was built in 1963, it's eleven stories tall and was made with 650 porcelain panels. Over the years, the weather has damaged or destroyed many of those panels.

Fixing it will cost five hundred fifty thousand dollars, and friends of the cross have so far raised three hundred sixty thousand dollars including a twenty thousand dollar grant from the state of Illinois. But former talk radio host and athiest Rob Sherman calls the Illinois grant "unconstitutional pork" he says if the twenty thousand is not returned to the state he will file a very expensive and lengthy lawsuit.

Sherman is the same man who successfully sued Illinois for allowing schools to have a moment of silence saying that it was truly a "moment of prayer."
I'm not going to bother trying to explain to atheists, leftists, liberals and others who dislike Christianity why letting 20 grand to the restoration of a cross isn't a big deal, that it's really not someone kicking in their door, forcing them to their knees and barking, get ta prayin' boy! I know whatever we say isn't going to make any difference to them, so I'll just try and explain what lies at the end of this road they insist on taking.

You keep kicking Christians in the teeth by denying them funds, telling them to feck off [Yes, I've been watching some British comedy] from schools and the public square and all that, yeah you go right ahead. Just remember this, the western world is free and superior to the rest of this world, largely because of the contribution of people who believe in a Christian God. To put it another way, if all the atheists, liberals and others who dislike Christianity, stopped contributing, didn't give red cent in any way, the western world will be just fine.

Now, I'm not saying the state needs to start building churches and what not, just that the haters need to use their brains a bit, if you're that upset by the state spending money for religious purposes, I suggest you start getting litigious on crap like state-funded abortion, welfare and all the other forms of thievery masquerading as socialism in the western world. There is plenty of that going around and I'm pretty sure that a sizable chunk of it is funded by people who regard themselves as Christians. Try fighting this one your own or funding all this on your own.

That's what's at the end of this road, 'feck off' going both ways, just sayin', take it or leave it.

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