Leftist tax punishes the innocent, again

Around a month ago, the clowns masquerading as the leaders of this country came up with yet another brilliant idea. You see after they blew the budget sky-high out of the water with their previous stupidity masquerading as brilliant ideas [surprise-surprise], they came up with yet another brilliant idea to get some money in via taxation. For all intents and purposes it seemed like they'd pulled this new tax off, it was targeted at smokers and since they're usually a target of nanny-state control-freaks and have been demonized in the public's perception, no one really gave a rats ass about the smokers.

But somehow, the leftards have managed to feck this up as well. I can't remember anyone predicting this back when the tax was introduced, but here we are, witnessing yet another leftist feck up.
News.com.au - KEVIN Rudd's tobacco tax is having a direct and debilitating impact on small retailers as smokers cut back on magazines, chocolate and soft drinks to buy cigarettes. Small businesses say they are paying the price for the Rudd Government's 25 per cent increase in tobacco excise, which added an average $2.20 to the price of a pack of 30 cigarettes from April 30. Grocers, newsagents, petrol stations and convenience stores are experiencing little to no drop in cigarette sales, but slumping sales of confectionery, magazines, bottled drinks, newspapers, snack foods and other discretionary purchases, as the impact of rising interest rates, fuel prices and tighter credit squeeze wallets.
So they set out to tax smokers under the guise of reducing their smoking, not only did they fail to do that, they also managed to screw over the poor people selling the wretched things as well. Well done leftards, I have a question, is there any group of people [apart from criminals and parasites] in this country that you haven't managed to piss off?


  1. This was an easy consequence to predict. But don't forget that Liberal leftard, Malcolm Turnbull, also proposed raising the cigarette tax in his budget reply speech last year. Mercifully he was dumped as leader.

    Do leftist policy consequences ever result in the way they were intended? Latest thing I heard was taking Japan to international court would endanger whales even more if the action failed. It would mean other countries could start "scientific whaling".

  2. Did you see the turd, turnbull that is, taking pot shots at Abbott over the illegals. What a scumbag.

    It'll be sweet for the japs if that happens, more whales getting the harpoon. Damn, leftards are retarded.


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