Liberal madness in Britain continues

Times Online - Nick Clegg today defended a decision under the Human Rights Act to allow two Pakistani terror suspects to walk free in the UK despite an assessment that they pose a serious threat to the British public. In his first major set-piece speech to launch the Liberal-Conservative programme of political reform, Mr Clegg said, “The law is very clear that it is wrong to deport people where there is risk that they will be seriously mistreated, tortured or even killed.”
Nick clegg is the leader of the mad-left party the Conservatives in Britain have climbed into bed with to govern the country as a sort of half-assed coalition. Some warned the Conservatives against this, but I guess we all know where that went. So now this nutjob stands there with a straight face and says that jihadist scum should be allowed to roam the streets of the UK under surveillance [sure] because deporting them could get them beaten and killed.

Honestly, whose side are you on nick, perhaps someone should tell this idiot that he's now leading the country, that he's responsible for keeping the nation safe and that's his first priority. He's no longer a liberal halfwit who gets to support muslim jihadists safe in the knowledge that no one else has to bear the consequences of his stupidity.

I don't care if there are big, burly blokes waiting with cattle prods back in wackistan airport for these pricks, send em' there or whichever shithole that will take them. They should have thought of this before they started their jihadist crap. Heck, use the money you're going to spend feeding, clothing and housing them to pay any country on the planet to take them.

We in the west are sick and tired of being placed second to the rights of individuals who want to cause harm to us. We're also sick of being told, the law is clear, the courts have ruled etc, change the @#$&ing law then. We understand that some rights shouldn't be tampered with, but we seem to have too many laws that stand common sense on its head and leave us unprotected.

Lastly a word to the Conservatives in Britain, this is one reason why you should never have climbed into bed with these loonies, because every time one of these halfwits mouths off some leftist stupidity you will get tarred with the same brush. For better for worse is what you agreed to, now you'll get the worst.

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  1. You might hope that now they are making real decisions in government, the loony left LibDems will start to actually think about what they're doing. I mean, it worked here in Australia with the ALP... oh no, hang on...


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