Hard working muslim migrant

You know how the pro-immigration crowd are always prattling on about the economic benefits that mass immigration brings, how someone has to pay for the welfare of future old folks. How they bring beautiful multi-culti and all that. Here's one fine example.
Toronto Sun - A Montreal man has collected Quebec government welfare cheques for almost 20 years, even as he criss-crossed Europe to meet six other men who’ve since been either killed, convicted or linked to global terrorism, lawyers for the RCMP and CSIS allege.

In recently filed court documents, government lawyers claim that while Mohamed Omary has been jobless and on the dole in Montreal since he arrived from Morocco. Yet he still somehow found cash to repeatedly visit Europe between 1993 and 1999. Hat tip Jihad Watch.
So essentially he's been a useless parasite for the last 20 years, contributing shit to Canada and being nothing more than a sponger, what's worse, he was probably in cahoots with other such vermin wanting to kill westerners. Read that whole news article and not a word is mentioned about any government authority angling to get the money paid to this sack of crap over 20 years.

Being an immigrant myself and putting this fellow aside, I have to call upon the western world to start looking carefully at where migrants are coming from and ensuring that when they're here, they are contributing, not sponging. The western world is the beacon of hope, prosperity and liberty because it's mostly fully of productive people, not because it's filled with useless parasites.

I don't give a damn if it's being racist and all that for saying it, but we need to start choosing who comes here and who gets to stay. If you come here and can work, you can jet around the world all you want to on your own dime, but if you're on welfare, you should never have such freedom. Welfare should be restricted to those who really, really cannot work. And those who get it must be red-flagged if they're off on holidays to Mexico or Spain for example.

I don't care if it's an invasion of their privacy or their human rights, because if you are living off others, then you abide by their rules, not your own. And if you don't like that, then don't get welfare, simple.


  1. Some of these terrorists are doctors, MK. They become successful and enjoy the best the West has to offer, then they try to blow it up. Being a sponger is not necessarily what these killers have in common - it is their religion.

  2. True, but if we can't even kick the spongers, what can we do to the doctors. Heck that hasan scumbag all but promised to kill and they were still paralyzed.


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