Canada's fascist left

Ann Coulter - Since arriving in Canada I've been accused of thought crimes, threatened with criminal prosecution for speeches I hadn't yet given, and denounced on the floor of the Parliament (which was nice because that one was on my "bucket list"). Posters advertising my speech have been officially banned, while posters denouncing me are plastered all over the University of Ottawa campus. Elected officials have been prohibited from attending my speeches. Also, the local clothing stores are fresh out of brown shirts.

...After Tuesday night, the hatred incited by Francois' letter is no longer theoretical. The police called off my speech when the auditorium was surrounded by thousands of rioting liberals -- screaming, blocking the entrance, throwing tables, demanding that my books be burned, and finally setting off the fire alarm.

...I've given more than 100 college speeches, and not once has one of my speeches been shut down at any point. ...Only one college speech was ever met with so much mob violence that the police were forced to cancel it: The one that was preceded by a letter from the university provost accusing me of hate speech.
Naturally the university had the audacity to issue some bullshit statement about how they're a bastion of free ideas and views. Yeah sure, and the left are not a bunch of violent, liberal fascists, no really. They really are for free speech and the exchange of differing views. It never occurs to these baboons that if they don't like Ann Coulter or her views, just don't turn up to listen to her and get all outraged.

If they were capable, those students ought to be ashamed of themselves. Living in a free western nation and gleefully denying someone the right to speak, it's shameful that such students are even allowed to remain in a western institution of learning. They ought to be carted off to communist China, Zimbabwe or some other totalitarian shithole, where they'll be right at home.

Keep running from the truth liberal fascists, but you can only avoid the truth and lie to yourselves for so long, eventually the reality of what you really are will boot you in the ass.

Germany's "Democratic Party" in the 1930s

In my various writings I am much indebted to readers who send me interesting links and, occasionally, interesting books. One regular and generous correspondent has just sent me a copy of a recent book: Living with Hitler: Liberal Democrats in the Third Reich.

To understand what the book is about, you need to know that the German electoral system both then and now is/was run on proportional representation lines. There was nothing like the "First past the post" voting system that prevails in most Anglo-Saxon countries. In other words, the number of seats in the legislature that a party gets reflects roughly the proportion of votes cast that the party got in the most recent election. This invariably leads to a parliament in which MANY parties are represented, unlike the two-party system of the USA. It is very rare for any one party to get a majority of the seats available and governments are therefore usually formed by alliances between different parties. Israel and most of Europe has such a system to this day.

And in interwar Germany, politics were dominated by various flavours of Leftism. There was very little support for much in the way of conservatism. And the parties could be ranked in their degree of Leftism -- from Communist, to Nazi, to Social Democrats to Liberal Democrats. The Social Democrats were equivalent to the Labor parties that one finds in the Anglosphere, strongly allied with the Labor unions, and the Liberal Democrats saw themselves as "progressives", quite similar to the Democrats in the USA today. And it is that latter group that the book concerns.

So how did the German "Democrats" go in Hitler's Germany? Did they furiously resist Nazism, as the rhetoric of modern-day Democrats would suggest? No way! Like the FDR Democrats in the America of the 1930s, they got along with Hitler to various degrees. There were a small number of highly principled ones who fled Germany but most did little more than mutter and got by quite well under Hitler. Some even made distinguished careers under Hitler. Most thought that Hitler was too rough and too extreme but they appreciated his basic Leftism and went along with him willingly.

Conventional history since the war has focused on the small number of German "Democrats" who fled Germany but this latest book shows that they were highly atypical. If you want the details, you will have to read the book. It is a large and comprehensive work so you will be left in no doubt at the end of it about how easily "Democrats" can drift into Fascism. With the passage of Obamacare, many American conservatives would say the the drift concerned is now well underway in the USA.

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List of "banned" websites to be kept secret by Australia's own Geheime Staatspolizei

COMMUNICATIONS Minister Stephen Goering Conroy has agreed that greater oversight of which websites will be banned under the Government's mandatory internet filter is needed but has ruled out making the list public.

The Federal Government plans to introduce a filter aimed at blocking access to illegal material such as child pornography or content refused classification (RC) by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. But the blacklist put together by the communications watchdog has not been made public, raising concerns that governments can impose censorship without proper oversight.

Senator Conroy said conceded greater transparency was needed in terms of what was deemed RC material. "We have a discussion paper that we've issued calling for increased transparency measures," he said. The measures were needed to make sure governments could not slip things onto the list, he said.

However, Senator Conroy said making the list public would undermine what the internet filter policy was designed to achieve. "Out of all the issues in the filter (policy) this is the one that's caused me the most thought because a URL address is just that, it's an address," he told ABC Radio.

"When you publish a list of titles of books that are banned, or movies that are banned, you don't give access to the materials by producing that list. "The problem when you produce a list of URLs is you are actually giving the address of where to go and look."

Some of the world's largest providers of internet services, including Google and Yahoo, have criticised the Government's plans to introduce a filter, describing the move as heavy-handed.

Google said last week that while protecting the free exchange of ideas and information could not be without some limits, people should retain the right to freedom of expression.

The US administration has also raised concerns about the plan. A State Department official has reportedly said it was contrary to US foreign policy of encouraging open internet access and the spread of economic growth and global security.


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The community organizer

Might as well be sitting there in his underwear scratching his ass. The uncouth disgrace.

Hot or cold, warmists lose

Daily Mail - Fears that global warming will shut down the Gulf Stream and plunge Britain into a mini-ice age are unfounded, a study shows. There is no evidence the phenomenon – which brings a constant flow of warm water and mild weather to northern Europe – has slowed down over the past 20 years, climate scientists say. ‘The changes we’re seeing in overturning strength are probably part of a natural cycle,’ said researcher Josh Willis, from Nasa.

...Some environmentalists have argued that global warming could shut off the stream – sending temperatures spiralling down across Europe as they rise elsewhere. The controversial scenario was dramatised in apocalyptic Hollywood blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow and is predicted in some computer models of climate change.

The idea that a slowdown of the ocean currents would trigger such a rapid change in climate is pure fantasy, explained Dr Willis.
Well isn't that true of just about everything leftists promise. In fact, 'pure fantasy', is the nice way of saying, it's all bullshit. When leftists tell you that more sex ed will result in fewer teen pregnancies, you know it's bullshit pure fantasy. When leftists tell you that lowering the number of abortions can only be made by making abortion more accessible, you know it's bullshit pure fantasy.

Australia a nanny state - Mark Webber has been accused of undermining Victoria's road safety campaign after he called Australia a "bloody nanny state" in the wake of Lewis Hamilton’s run-in with the Melbourne police last Friday. Lewis Hamilton had his car impounded after he was caught ‘hooning’ – Aussie slang for driving like a boy racer.

"It's a great country, but we've got to be responsible for our actions and it's certainly a bloody nanny state when it comes to what we can do. Lewis has found out very quickly," the Red Bull driver said. "I think we've got to read an instruction book when we get out of bed - what we can do and what we can't do ... put a yellow vest on and all that sort of stuff. It p***** me off coming back here, to be honest."
It always invokes a laugh when I hear my fellow Australians huffing and puffing when someone states the truth. Most of us really do think that we're free, but we've largely been a nanny state for years now. The roads are but one example, they're so oppressive and sometimes just stupid, it's unbelievable. Let me give some examples.

Even the Obama administration doesn't like Rudd's internet "filtering"

THE US has weighed into the row over the Rudd Government's plan to censor the internet, saying it has raised concerns about it with Australian officials.

The Obama administration wants to encourage an open internet to enhance global economic growth and security and is mounting a diplomatic assault on threats to the open web around the world.

The US State Department, America's foreign office, has publicly aired concern about the internet filtering plan championed by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.

Responding to questions about the filter from commentary website The Punch, US State Department spokesperson Noel Clay said: "The US and Australia are close partners on issues related to cyber matters generally, including national security and economic issues. "We do not discuss the details of specific diplomatic exchanges, but can say that in the context of that ongoing relationship, we have raised our concerns on this matter with Australian officials."

The Rudd Government has faced increasing criticism over internet filtering in recent weeks after it released submissions by companies including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft on how to improve its policy.

Many of the submissions were highly critical of the filtering plan. Concerns included that the scope of content to be censored was too broad, that the filter would be ineffective or slow internet speeds, and that the list of banned material could be leaked to the public.

Under the plan, Australian internet service providers like Telstra, Optus and iiNet would be forced to block access to a secret list of webpages containing refused classification material.


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America's Bloodsuckers

In the latest example of government's overreaching power and repudiation of the Constitution, Democrats have passed a bill that once again forces the productive to pay for the non-productive. We were told that 30 to 40 million people don't have, or don't want, health care insurance. Hence, they will now be forced to buy it against their will if they don't have it, or get it free if they can't afford it, in order to enable President Obama and Speaker Pelosi to construct a legacy for themselves. The predilections of the American people notwithstanding, these tyrannical glory-hounds have decided that public opinion is the least of their concerns.

The fact that workers are already paying about 50 percent of their earnings in taxes every year is of no interest to those who live by sucking the blood of the ambitious. Make no mistake about it: The government's hands just went even more deeply into our pockets.

All responsible citizens recognize the need for taxes to pay for services that provide security, infrastructure, school financing, etc. In addition, most people are decent enough to open their wallets a little wider when the need arises; Americans are the most generous people on earth. Yet they're the last people on earth you want to mess with if they feel like they are being treated unjustly. It is that spirit of righteousness, etched into our national genetic code by ancestors who struggled against tyranny, that sets us apart from the majority of the planet, most of whom genuflect obsequiously in the presence of their masters. That's not the American way!

It is this very spirit that has made the Tea Party movement a magnet for Americans who have become incensed at the level of arrogance being evinced by the Obama administration and those Democrats who have abandoned any concept of integrity in order to become slavishly devoted to "his highness." Repudiating their constituents, renegade Democrats have given the middle finger to the people who pay their salaries, their very generous health plans, and their stunningly generous pensions.

Thanks to the Tea Party patriots and millions of other freedom-loving Americans from sea to shining sea, this recent move toward an ever-expanding socialist state will be dutifully and publicly addressed in the November election. As Justice Brandeis, another sagacious member of the Supreme Court, once said, "Sunlight is the best disinfectant."

More here

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Christian militia group targeted

Fox News - A Christian militia group was a target of at least one of a series of weekend raids the FBI conducted in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, a Michigan militia leader says. The FBI said Sunday that it had conducted raids in the three states, resulting in at least three arrests. Federal warrants were sealed, but a federal law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity said some of those arrested face gun charges and officials are pursuing other suspects. Some of the suspects were expected in court Monday.

It wasn't clear what prompted the raids, but Michael Lackomar, a spokesman for the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia, said one of his team leaders got a frantic phone call Saturday evening from members of Hutaree, a Christian militia group. They said their property in southeast Michigan was being raided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Lackomar said.

Mr Forbush and global warming

"Forbush decreases" are probably getting a bit technical for many readers of this blog but they refer to short periods (a few days) when the earth is hit by fewer cosmic rays (no relation to me) than usual. And why is that important? Because Svensmark has shown that cosmic ray fluctuations affect cloud formation and hence global warming. Clouds are a major influence on the temperature underneath them.

So whether cloud cover varies during Forbush events would seem to be a good test of Svensmark's theory. A recent German paper has claimed that Forbush events did NOT influence cloud cover so therefore Svensmark is wrong.

I have not yet seen any comment from skeptics on the paper concerned so I think I might say a word or two until more expert heads than mine get to work.

Basically, the paper seems pretty silly. They sent an aircraft up to observe the cloud cover over just a few areas of central Europe. But it is GLOBAL data that is needed to test the theory. Local weather influences can easily swamp small effects from cosmic rays -- and it is small effects that the Warmists are talking about. Their "hockey stick" graphs (for instance) are normally scaled in tenths of one degree.

Lubos Motl had some sage words about Forbush events last year.

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Justice progressive style

Daily Mail - The two Christian hoteliers cleared last year of insulting a Muslim guest are being forced to sell up because their business has collapsed. Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang are putting their nine-bedroom hotel up for auction in May because they can no longer pay the mortgage. ...The couple saw their Liverpool business brought to its knees after an investigation into what was deemed a religiously aggravated hate crime against Ericka Tazi. The 60-year-old white British convert complained that the couple had called the prophet Mohammed a 'warlord' and told her that Muslim women were oppressed.

The case against them was thrown out after a judge at Liverpool magistrates' court said it flew in the face of their right to freedom of religious expression. ...One of their main sources of income before the case was the National Health Service, which used Bounty House for doctors attending conferences and groups of patients on pain-relief courses at the Walton Centre, part of Aintree Hospital. But the centre stopped sending guests to the hotel after the complaint by Mrs Tazi, one of its patients.
So the muslim who accused them of this crap gets away, the police who went after them also get away, they may have won the case, but they're out of a business now and ruined. So who now can afford to exercise their freedom in Britain, like that woman who didn't want queers staying at her B&B the other day, who can afford to be free in Britain anymore. I can tell you, most will learn to shut up and put up if this is what happens at the end of the day.

Speaking of injustice, the people above are hung out to dry even if they are not guilty of anything, but look how much effort and money is lavished on a guilty piece of shit in Britain.

Andrée Virot - Agent Rose

The Week, NRO - When the Germans overran France in 1940, Andrée Virot took immense risks on behalf of the Resistance. Code name Agent Rose, she was active in clandestine publishing, and in passing on to the Allies information about the naval base, with its U-boats, at Brest, her hometown. Her network rescued more than 100 pilots and airmen who had been shot down and smuggled them back to England. Arrested by the Gestapo in 1944, she was sent to Ravensbrück and Buchenwald, tortured, and saved from execution at the very last moment. Afterwards she lived in England with her English husband. “You don’t know what freedom is if you have never lost it”: These words from an interview she gave are a fitting epitaph for this heroine, who died aged 105. R.I.P.

Hope you gave the bastards hell. Thank you and rest in peace Agent Rose, you've earned it.

Greenie activists jet 12,000 miles - to climate change meeting

Climate change activists opposed to air travel are travelling to a conference in South plane.

Campaigners from Climate Camp -- who helped blockade Heathrow at the height of the summer holidays in 2007 -- face claims of hypocrisy having decided to send two members to an international meeting in Bolivia to discuss ‘transnational protests’ against climate change.

The 12,000-mile round trip to the Climate Change and Mother Earth’s Rights conference next month involves changing planes at least twice.

The flights will generate about eight tons of carbon dioxide greenhouse gases.

The money for their tickets -- at least £1,200 for an economy fare -- is being paid for by donations to Climate Camp from people opposed to flying and airport expansion.

One of the campaigners making the trip is Agnes Szafranowska. Ms Szafranowska, a Canadian who now lives in London, organises Climate Camp workshops and was involved in the Great Climate Swoop on Ratcliffe power station in Nottingham last October.

Police arrested ten people before the protest began on suspicion of conspiracy to cause criminal damage.

Some 1,000 people took part, and security fencing around the plant was pulled down. Police made 56 arrests and a number of people were injured, including one policeman who had to be airlifted to hospital.

Ms Szafranowska failed to answer questions sent to her by email, other than to say that Climate Camp were preparing a statement. The group’s Press officer did not return calls.


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Radical Islamic elder preaching hate in an Australian suburb

There can be little doubt that this is incitement to violence (which conventionally falls outside free speech protections) but officialdom seem to be sitting on their hands. If you laugh at the Koran, however, they will be down on you like a ton of bricks. And critics of Islam are "far-Right white supremacists" who must be silenced as engaging in breaches of "Racial and Religious Tolerance". The guy below certainly seems to be in breach of religious tolerance

A RADICAL Islamic elder who praises the Taliban and preaches violent jihad to a band of keen followers is being investigated in Perth by WA and Federal police. Sources confirmed the joint-agency investigation after The Sunday Times revealed to police that the newspaper had infiltrated a group in which the sheik described armed jihad as the "top" ideal for Muslims and likened the Taliban to "angels".

Muslim community members said they warned police weeks ago that the Middle Eastern man was recruiting disaffected young Muslim men at a Perth mosque and spreading dangerous messages - about armed jihad, or holy war, against those fighting Islam; and that he claimed to know, and have trained with, Osama bin Laden. They stressed that mainstream WA Muslims did not share the views and were concerned police had not acted on their tip-offs. They alerted The Sunday Times as a last resort "before something really bad happens . . . before this poison spreads".

hussein obamas kingdom

Fox News - Despite intense Republican objections, President Obama on Saturday used recess appointments to fill 15 administration posts without Senate confirmation, including Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board. Obama justified the move by charging Republicans with playing politics with his administration nominees.

"The United States Senate has the responsibility to approve or disapprove of my nominees. But if, in the interest of scoring political points, Republicans in the Senate refuse to exercise that responsibility, I must act in the interest of the American people and exercise my authority to fill these positions on an interim basis," he said in a written statement.
Oh yeah, like the American people were out in the streets protesting and shouting for obama to fill those admin posts. Give us our @#$%ing bureaucrats, you promised them during the election, where are our bureaucrats? I can just hear the chanting, what do we want? Bureaucrats! When do we want them? Now! What's surprising is not the arrogance and contempt, but the utter lack of shame.

Just another day in hussein obama's kingdom folks, does what he wants to, when he wants to. Off course it's all framed as an emergency, the end is nigh, for the people etc, but in reality it's, screw you all, I'm doing as I please and if you don't like it, go screw yourselves. That's the fascist left for you, during elections, they're all warm and promising, waffling on about freedom and rights, how they care for you and all that; soon as they get into power, the inner totalitarian bursts out at devastating speed and you're well on your way to becoming a socialist shithole, complete with the illusion that you are actually free and have a say.

Just ask the people of a Cuba or Venezuela, they'll assure you whole heartedly that it's a fantastical illusion.

Anti-Islam rally under threat in Victoria

No free speech allowed? Let me see if anything happens when I am critical of Islam: "I think Islam is the Devil's mockery of Christianity". I would be at great risk from the authorities if I said that in Victoria

POLICE are monitoring a group linked to far-Right white supremacists who are planning an anti-Islam march on state Parliament. The march, scheduled for next month, threatens to further damage Melbourne's reputation, already battered by attacks on Indian students.

A group linked to far-Right white supremacists has set up a Facebook page promoting a mass rally against immigrants and Islam. There are fears it might descend into a Cronulla-style riot. "Listen Aussies, it's time to harden up, close the gate, look after our own and keep our country as our country," the Facebook page says.

Premier John Brumby slammed the rally, and said the matter had been referred to police. "Racism is unacceptable in Victoria and will not be tolerated," he said. "It is highly distressing when people seek to abuse their right to freedom of speech."

The president of the Islamic Friendship Association, Keysar Trad, condemned the rally. "It's their democratic right to rally against anything they like, but it gives a very bad image of Australia to our neighbours, and doesn't do much for internal cohesion," he said. "The organisers should realise the majority of Australians do not share their view and can see the benefits and contributions Muslims have made to Australia.

"My message to the community is that Australians will not buy into this type of action. "We've moved on from Cronulla, and they need to realise that."

The Facebook group has gathered about 40 members and has received support from interstate.

Some posting messages have criticised the event. "Cronulla comes to Melbourne. Another sad day for Australian history," one message says.

Police are concerned about the event and have warned organisers not to break the law. "A police response will be decided on once all of the information and intelligence is assessed," a spokeswoman said. "Police will be in touch with the organisers of the event in the near future. "Victoria Police will not tolerate any breach of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act."

A man listed on the Facebook page as being behind the rally said he had no connection to it. However, his own Facebook page links to several white supremacist groups.


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Racial violence in Britain

It looks like black on Muslim violence. The attackers are described below as black and it has been mentioned elsewhere that the victim was of North African ancestry. That multiculturalism sure is great!

Several schoolgirls are to be questioned over the horrific mob stabbing of a 15-year-old boy at a major railway station in the middle of the rush hour.

The girls were spotted by witnesses as part of a gang, many in school uniform, who chased their victim into a ticket hall before cornering and killing him as terrified commuters looked on.

He was named last night as London-born Sofyen Ghailan, a pupil at the Henry Compton School in Fulham.

Twenty boys aged 14 to 17 were being held over the stabbing at Victoria Tube station in central London. They were questioned at several police stations across the capital. But the fact that schoolgirls were on the fringes of the murder gang has shocked police, who will now investigate what led up to the attack at 5.20pm on Thursday.

A major line of inquiry is that the victim was targeted during a planned fight between rival gangs of pupils from west and south London. The feuding gangs are said to have fought each other in the days leading up to the murder.

The killers are thought to be from a number of schools in South London. Sources said they arrived at Victoria by bus and initially attacked Sofyen outside the station. Then, with girls following closely, they pursued him down the steps into the station before delivering the fatal blows in the booking hall for the District and Circle lines. The boy suffered at least four serious stab wounds to his upper body.

Last night a witness described how he saw a schoolboy thug brandishing a 10in screwdriver leading at least 15 black youths into Victoria. The 25-year-old music producer said: 'They were all aged 15 to 17 and they were all male. I heard somebody shout something and they all started running towards me.

'Suddenly there was this big lad standing in front of me with a massive screwdriver in his hand. At first I thought it was a knife. 'The boy was about 16 and he was wearing a black hoodie and black school trousers. I jumped out of the way pretty quickly and they all ran past me into the station.

'Then I saw a massive scuffle with lots of kids. It looked as if they were all trying to get at something on the floor but there were too many of them for me to see properly. I now know it was this poor person who had been murdered.....


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Don't they get it?

Fox News - For a head of government to visit the White House and not pose for photographers is rare. For a key ally to be left to his own devices while the President withdraws to have dinner in private was, until this week, unheard of. Yet that is how Benjamin Netanyahu was treated by President Obama on Tuesday night, according to Israeli reports on a trip viewed in Jerusalem as a humiliation.

After failing to extract a written promise of concessions on settlements, Obama walked out of his meeting with Netanyahu but invited him to stay at the White House, consult with advisers and “let me know if there is anything new”, a U.S. congressman, who spoke to the Prime Minister, said. “It was awful,” the congressman said. One Israeli newspaper called the meeting “a hazing in stages”, poisoned by such mistrust that the Israeli delegation eventually left rather than risk being eavesdropped on a White House telephone line. Another said that the Prime Minister had received “the treatment reserved for the President of Equatorial Guinea”.
I read elsewhere that hussein obama is going to meet with the arab street soon, I guess he doesn't want to turn up empty handed, this time a bow from the waist down might not be enough, he might have to get on the floor and slither around if he can't deliver Israel to the arab savages.

I'm not holding my breath - A 15-YEAR-OLD girl has become the first person in NSW to be charged under Skye's Law - which means jail for convicted criminals who lead police on car chases. ...The 15-year-old girl was arrested in Dubbo late last night after allegedly leading police on a 30-minute chase which stretched over more than 50km. ...The teenagers were allegedly laughing when they were caught by police. - A SECOND teenager has been charged under Skye's Law after allegedly leading police on a pursuit through Sydney's innerwest. The 19-year-old was on a motorcycle when he allegedly led police over a footbridge and through a park at Burwood about 5.30pm (AEDT)yesterday afternoon.

People think that these cretins will actually be jailed for a year or two if convicted because of Skye's law, I'll believe it when I see it folks, what the law actually says is they face up to 3 years jail, not they face a minimum 1 year or even 2 months. Hopefully I'll be proved wrong.

Unbelievable irony

Incredibly, THIS is how Alarmists feel, that THEY are the ones being pressured and intimidated to change their views. Bullies feeling sorry for themselves, sorry that their well-funded tactics are failing... that's a new one on me.


Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Australian shares beat developed world over past 110 years

Mainly because we have had economically intelligent governments --until recently. Bob Hawke had a degree in economics. Rudd has a degree in Chinese

Forget the carnage of 2008 and early 2009, Australia has been the best performing developed sharemarket over the past 110 years, according to funds manager Fidelity International. Gerard Doherty, managing director of Fidelity’s Australia business, says the Australian share market has posted a real return of 7.5 per cent a year since 1900, outperforming the US by 1.6 per cent and Britain by more than 2 per cent a year.

Next best after Australia was South Africa and then Sweden, with the US -- the world’s biggest economy and reserve currency -- bringing in the fourth best annual real return, The Australian reported.

But the annualised returns are in local currencies, meaning the US’s annual return of 5.88 per cent would look pretty good in Australian dollar terms when the Aussie falls against the US, as it did last year to a low of US62.5 cents in February.

Doherty claims $1 invested in the Australian market in 1900 would have been worth $2844 at the beginning of this year. The market levels were provided by the London Business School, which used the major indices of the day over the 110 years.


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Arty-farties offend Australian blacks

We read:
"It was meant to be the Dreamtime set in stone, a celebration of reconciliation and a "revival of Aboriginal spirituality". But Wanjina Watchers in the Whispering Stone, an 8.5-tonne sculpture in Katoomba, has sparked vandalism and death threats.

"This is the most beautiful thing that has been done for Aboriginal people," a Blue Mountains gallery owner, Vesna Tenodi, says. "They should be thanking me, but instead I get yelled at wherever I go."

Tenodi is the owner, together with her husband Damir, of the ModroGorje Wellness and Art Centre. Originally from Croatia, Tenodi ruffled feathers late last year when she published her book Dreamtime Set in Stone: The Truth about Australian Aborigines, an exploration of indigenous culture that was dedicated to "the Aboriginal people and to the Aborigine in each of us". But the book offended many local Aborigines, not least for its illustrations of wanjina, a sacred creation ancestor of the Kimberley people in Western Australia.

"It's totally inappropriate for a non-indigenous person to be doing wanjinas, especially without permission," said Chris Tobin, a member of the local Darug people who works as a guide with the National Parks and Wildlife Service. "Aboriginal law is very specific on what you can and can't do with wanjinas."


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In his latest offering, conservative Australian cartoonist ZEG is disgusted at the way the Rudd government panders to China.

Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

A picture is worth 1000 words...

This image should be plastered on every site, in every shop window, on every bus stop, every billboard.

Hat tip to Logistics Monster and Hookers & Booze

Why they hate abstinence

Robert Rector, NRO - A few weeks back, the mainstream media were scandalized by a new study showing that abstinence education works. The study found that an eight-hour abstinence course dropped sexual-activity rates among teens by a third, and that the decrease continued two years after the course. By contrast, a “safe sex” program and a third program combining abstinence and contraceptive messages had no effect in reducing sexual activity or increasing contraceptive use.

Abstinence experts weren’t surprised. Eleven prior studies, which the media chose not to report, have shown similar results. The latest study, however, using the most rigorous methods, and published in the prestigious Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine of the American Medical Association, was too prominent to be ignored.

The claim that abstinence programs don’t work is one of several myths used to attack abstinence funding. In addition, opponents have claimed that the federal government funds only abstinence — but a recent study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that, even during the Bush presidency, the federal government spent $4 on programs proselytizing for condoms and distributing them to teens for every $1 it spent on abstinence.
You have to ask yourself why, why is it that progressives and leftists hate abstinence programs so much. Why is it that hussein obama and nancy pelosi have abolished federal abstinence programs and provided new funding for comprehensive sex ed? Why is it that, in the face of overwhelming evidence that abstinence education is working, they have abolished it? Why is it that even when teaching children to open their legs and go for it has failed to stop them from well, opening their legs and going for it, have they increased funding for sex ed? Why is it that they want to teach your children more and more about sex and at younger and younger ages.

Mass immigration kills Australian culture, says demographer

With support from both conservatives and the Greens

TRADITIONS based on heritage, sporting culture and common language are threatened by mass immigration, a leading demographer has warned. Monash University population expert Dr Bob Birrell has said the huge influx of people with few or no English skills had created social problems in Melbourne suburbs such as Dandenong, Sunshine and Broadmeadows and most major cities were feeling the population strain, the Herald Sun Dr Birrell made the explosive comments in an article for Policy, a magazine published by the Centre for Independent Studies, a right-wing think tank. In a plea to the Rudd Government to slash the current immigrant intake of 180,000 a year, Dr Birrell warned that the predicted population of 35 million by 2050 would be a disaster for urban living and the environment. "One would have to wander deaf, dumb and blind through Australian capital cities to not notice how urban congestion has already reduced the quality of life," he said.

The intake dominated by people from non-English speaking backgrounds was transforming Australia, Dr Birrell said. "We are losing core elements of what was once shared. Almost all could once aspire to a house and land ... and sharing a common language, sporting culture and heritage," he said.

But mass migration was creating ethnic enclaves in suburbs with cheap housing, and planning rules were forcing Australian-born "losers" and non-English speaking background migrants to live in congested neighbourhoods, "cheek by jowl".

Must not generalize about nationalities

Even if it's generally true

"Air New Zealand has been forced to apologise for a crew manual which suggested that Tongan passengers may "drink the bar dry".

The airline issued the apology after the manual was made public in New Zealand's Sunday Star-Times yesterday.

The document caused a stir by making generalisations about different nationalities, also stating that Korean passengers will expect good manners, Thais expect a souvenir and Samoans will appreciate a rug.

Air New Zealand spokesman Alan Gaskin said the manual was not meant to cause offence.

"This section of the document was designed as a reference guide to ensure international cabin crew were familiar with the expectations of the diverse range of nationalities Air New Zealand carries on its international services," Mr Gaskin told new website


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Soft and ripe for the picking

The Australian - THE number of refugees seeking asylum in Australia jumped by almost 30 per cent last year despite global numbers remaining steady, challenging Kevin Rudd's claim that instability abroad is behind the surge in refugee boats.
I was going to post something about this, but to be honest, what's the point. rudd lied, continues to lie and still people think he's ok. Millions have been and are still being pissed away on insulation and the education revolution. He couldn't manage a chook-raffle without his programmatic specificity and people still think he's a good chance at the next election.

I partly blame the media, as no matter how much he turns to shit, the ass-polishing continues furiously. However, they don't control all the news, rudd's smoke and mirrors can easily be exposed to those that want to think about what he says and ask some questions. He's screwed up so much, achieved next to nothing, but still, rudd wins support with just gaseous platitudes, so there is a fair amount of the-government-we-deserve going on here.

The other thing is that even if rudd is booted out on his ass, how much of that will be because of too much government meddling and waste or because we don't mind the government meddling but are just irritable due to the waste. At this point, my view is that we'd prefer efficient government meddling over living as citizens free and responsible for our own affairs. I don't even hear callers to talkback radio demanding the government to stop meddling and re-distributing stolen wealth.

This is not a good thing, given the only other nation that has the means and the will to maintain our western way of life, just joined us on our path to socialist mediocrity, with many of us cheering them along. We gave up our rights to defend our own homes, families and loved ones long ago; let alone think of our borders, so who will  be dumb enough to defend us now. Or worse, who will be dumb enough not to help themselves to what's soft, ripe and ready for the picking.

Victoria: Police slam new rules on racial descriptions in seeking crime suspects

A LIMIT on racial descriptions of criminals was putting political correctness before crime busting, police say. Descriptions including Black African, Indian and Eastern European are among those dumped in media releases seeking crime suspects. They have been replaced by four categories: Aboriginal, Caucasian, Asian and other.

Police Association secretary Greg Davies said it was putting unnecessary impediments in the way of catching criminals. "It is quite silly and counter-productive and of no assistance to anybody to make everything vanilla," he said. "It is not a matter of being racist, it is a matter of solving crime." Sen-Sgt Davies said it should be about giving the public the best information possible. "It is political correctness taking precedence over solving crime," he said. "We need to have accurate descriptions of suspects if we are going to release information to the public. "We need to make it as specific as possible."

Chief Commissioner Simon Overland said they tended to use broad categories of race when speaking to the public. "We have moved away from those terms because sometimes they can cause offence," he said on radio.


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The latest nonsense: Flowers losing scent due to climate change

Since there has been no global warming for over 10 years, warming is not the cause of whatever has been observed below. And if there is an in principle claim that warming deodorises flowers, all those fragrant blossoms I encountered during my years in the tropics must have been a figment of my imagination

A rose may stop smelling like a rose. This is the concern of environmentalists as flowers are losing their scent due to climate change and air pollution. And their fragrance may be lost forever. Science and Technology Professor Emeritus at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Dr Abdul Latif Mohamad, said genetically modified flowers might be the way out.

Climate change is also the reason Kuala Lumpur City Hall is increasingly turning to shady trees, because flowers which previously formed the centrepiece of its beautification programme have been wilting fast.

Datuk Bandar Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail said City Hall used to spend RM1.5 million ($635,100) a month to plant and maintain flowers in the city, but the contractor's services were terminated in March last year. City Hall has taken over the planting, opting for bougainvillea and the tropical shrubs, Ixora, for their durability and cheaper cost. Under the previous arrangement, some of the small flowers cost RM3.50 per seedling.

"It was getting too costly to beautify the city. Flowers were dying fast," he said, adding that City Hall would continue to plant shady trees more suited for soaking up the increasing pollution and coping with global warming.

Latif said UKM might have offered plausible reasons as to why some pollinators were not spreading flower seeds, a pattern caused by the missing "scent trail" with scent tissues burning easily due to global warming. "The aroma producing chemical compounds in flowers dry up faster now compared with before."

The only way out, he said, was to genetically modify the flowers so that the effects would not be permanent and the future generation would not be robbed of nature's beauty. "The act is almost like producing essential oils. Scientists add on certain chemicals for stronger scent." He said scents in flowers last longer in colder climate as plants can hold on to their essential oils longer. "The flowers may still have strong scents in colder climate. But locally, we fear this might be lost forever."

With flowers emitting lesser scent, the insects and butterflies are travelling further and longer to get a share of nectar. Latif said birds and insects were heading towards hilly areas and deeper into the jungles where the weather is cooler.


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Must not mention testicles in beer ad

We read:

"Foster's has pulled an advertising campaign that it admitted was too risque for TV just days after it released it online. The series of seven ads for Carlton Draught, which make reference to "man plums" and "goolies", were put on the internet last Wednesday.

The company aborted a TV campaign in late February days before it was due to go to air, after senior executives in the listed alcohol manufacturer got cold feet about the ads. The company then decided that having spent the best part of the $200,000 in fees and production, it felt compelled to release it on the internet in the hope that somehow only its target market of 18- to 30-year-old men would see it.

That strategy appears to have failed and in the past few days, as the ad got more talked about and viewed on the internet - normally something that every marketer craves - Foster's management pulled the plug, fearing a public relations backlash.


"Goolies" is actually Scottish slang. It is very rare for Australians to call them anything but "balls". Video at link. Americans often seem to deal with a similar sensitivity by using a Spanish word: "cojones". For some reason, using the Spanish word seems quite respectable. "Cojones" is not listed in my Spanish dictionary so I gather that it is a slang term too. Spanish slang is OK, apparently. All very strange.

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Free to kill

Yahoo News - ...23-year-old Justin Charles Williams was a serial car thief still on bail and was facing vehicle charges as he slammed a stolen Mazda 626 into their car at a speed of up to 150km/h. Williams died instantly, as did the three occupants of the other car, Canberra couple Scott Oppelaar-Mills, 33, and Samantha Ford, 29, and their four-month-old baby boy, Brody.

Williams's criminal record dates back as far as 2002 and records multiple convictions for vehicle offences. Williams was also facing a charge of stealing a car and leading police on a chase through south Canberra in 2008. He was also behind the wheel of another stolen car which crashed in Queanbeyan, leaving him in a coma for three weeks and facing charges over vehicle theft.

MK - This piece of shit should never have been out amongst us, but try telling that to our soft-spined judiciary and various leftists constantly clamoring for piss-weak sentencing. Instead the focus now is on the police who dared to chase this piece of shit. I even heard one idiot saying the cops should plan for traffic on their chases and do it when there aren't too many cars on the road. As if pieces of shit like williams email the cops in advance informing them of their crime sprees.

What passes for justice in Britain

Daily Mail - ...In 2008 he was switched from Wakefield Prison, West Yorkshire, to Frankland, just outside the city of Durham. Within weeks of arriving, Huntley was given privileges which others would take months of good behaviour to earn. They include a private room within the health care wing. Rather than being forced to wear uniform, he and other inmates are allowed their own choice of designer clothes. Officers guarding Huntley have been told by the governor to treat him - and fellow inmates - as 'extensions of their family' and use their first names or address them as 'Mr'.

The officers were also instructed to 'humour' Huntley and to play games such as chess, darts and Scrabble with him because, until recently, he could not associate with other prisoners. Three meals a day, chosen by Huntley from an extensive menu, are delivered to the 12ft x 10ft room where the pressures of serving a double life sentence are alleviated by his personal Freeview TV, a Sony CD player, stereo and Nintendo games console.

MK - This cockroach murdered two little girls and this is how tough the British justice system is on him. I always thought their jails were soft on criminals, it's actually worse, this is the equivalent of urinating on their victims graves. He should have been executed after the trials process was over, instead he's on some sort of holiday. That's the left for you, never met a criminal scumbag they couldn't worship.

Global warming can lead to increased violence in human beings

It might well do so, though the evidence is mixed. I myself wrote several research papers on the psychological effects of a warmer climate and in some datasets the hypothesis was supported and in others it was not. There are basically too many confounding factors to sort it all out conclusively. Tropical dwellers tend not to be identical to non-tropical dwellers, for instance, so any differences observed could be due to those other factors rather than the heat itself. On the whole, however, I am inclined to go along with the hypothesis.

But it is all theory in this instance. We don't know that the climate WILL warm and we don't know if any warming is the result of human influences. Additionally, we don't know how any adverse effect will be balanced by other effects. It is certainly my observation that people in warmer climates are more sociable, which is probably a good thing, so how do we balance that against a slight increase in violent incidents? It is all a matter of opinion.

Democrats' death by suicide

The government takeover of health care will go down in history as the worst piece of legislation to emerge from a Congress held in general disdain by the American people. The only bipartisanship on the health bill was in the opposition.

Usually autopsies are reserved for after the patient has died, but in this case it is useful to get ahead of the matter. The malformed health legislation is not the only reason Democrats are facing political extinction in November, but it is one of the most dramatic. The legislative process in this country has never been so unseemly. Arm twisting, backroom deals, special privileges and potentially criminal "government jobs for votes" agreements became a normal way of doing business. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fixated on the mantra that the Democrats' health plan is "historic," but so was the Black Plague.

You will accept the homos or else!

Daily Mail - Police launched an investigation today after a Christian bed and breakfast owner turned away a gay couple because she said it was 'against her convictions' to let them share a bed. Michael Black, 62, and John Morgan, have complained of unlawful discrimination after they were not allowed to take up their booking at the B&B in Cookham, Berkshire. The couple had booked a double room at the £75-a-night guest house on Friday and were met outside by owner Susanne Wilkinson.

...Mrs Wilkinson admitted to BBC News that she had turned the men away. She said: 'They gave me no prior warning and I couldn't offer them another room as I was fully booked. 'I don't see why I should change my mind and my beliefs I've held for years just because the government should force it on me,' she said. 'I am not a hotel, I am a guest house and this is a private house.'
Unfortunately dear, the queers will win this one, you see your leftist government will always prattle on about their tolerance, diversity, freedom of religion and all that, but the reality is that they couldn't give a rats ass if you are straight, Christian, white or male. And heaven help you if you're all of the above. Nothing, and I really mean nothing will stop them from making an example of you and putting their precious queers on the roof, you will provide the homos with room and board or else!

Your best hope, become a muslim, throw the koran around, claim racism, Islamophobia etc, past experience with these roaches is they lose bladder control real fast when Islam is thrown in the mix.

The Coup Continues

(photo courtesy of RedPlanetCartoons)

The 219-212 obamacare vote in the House of (non)Representatives is the biggest step toward the end of America since that bastard FDR's Social inSecurity ponzi scheme.

...most people don't know that one of the things that they did in the old Weimar Republic (Germany, prior to WW2) was to "nationalize" THEIR health care system.
You know, they were similarly cavalier about murdering the unborn, I need to give a history lesson about how all that eventually worked out?

Hey, stupak, what price your soul?

According to Dante, the lowest layer of Hell is for traitors - the filth who betray those who trust them.

Make some room, Judas, here's a list of the 219 new cellies you can expect to eventually come on down and join you.

...on the (slightly less than) "brighter side", let the lawsuits against this violation of the Constitution begin - 37 states-worth (which puts it in range of a Constitutional Amendment).

This war is far from over, and the next real battlefield is coming in November.

Do not forget this day.

The bastard finally pulled it off

Fox News - A bloc of pro-life Democrats turned out to be the linchpin to passage of the Senate's massive health insurance overhaul Sunday night, as President Obama cemented a 219-212 victory with a pledge to issue an executive order "clarifying" abortion language in the Senate bill.

The House also voted 220-211 to support a "reconciliation" bill aimed to "fix" provisions in the Senate bill that many House Democrats opposed but viewed as better than nothing.

The most insane thing I read was this pile of shit.

"The motion is really a last-ditch effort of 98 years of denying Americans health care," Stupak said.

So health care has been denied in America for the last 98 years. So all those doctors and hospitals in America are treating cannibals from the Amazon and Bushmen from Africa.

Perhaps it's just a waste of breath trying to make any sense of what some of these leftist shitheads say. Either way leftists the world over should be happy, they've finally got what they want.

I hope the morons outside America are prepared though, who am I kidding, those idiots wouldn't know, if they did they'd be against it. Ah well, you'll find out soon enough, definitely in your lifetime, enjoy the free ride while it lasts, it'll be over soon.

America, The Gulliver of Nations

Powerline posts a keen insight on how Great Britain's present, may become our future:
Once the federal government becomes so deeply involved in allocating health care, it will come to be a dominant focus of political discourse.

Over the years watching on C-Span the British Prime Minister's Question Time, I've observed that a large portion of this exercise is devoted to specific questions about the quality care provided by The National Health Service in members' districts. A question on the terrorists threats to the UK will invariably be followed by a passionate query from a Member asking the PM if he's aware of nurses being re-assigned at a hospital in Sheffield. The PM seems to spend as much time on parochial health care issues as on national security.

The politics of deciding who gets what in the way of medical treatment doubtlessly will push aside traditional affairs of state. Every member of Congress will need to hire several staff members just to manage constituents' complaints about their care. Elections will be won and lost on the basis of who can get the most in the way of health care for their districts.

We will become the Gulliver of nations, a great power whose leaders are tied up in strings as they spend much of their time addressing the medical complaints, valid and imagined, of their electorate.

We *will* become the Gulliver of nations. And it will not just be due to healthcare. The more our Federal government becomes so deeply involved in the regulation of anything and everything (education, the environment, banking, retirement, fishing, car manufacturing....etc), the more we tie ourselves down. The more the Liliputians UN bureaucrats will take advantage of us. The more we will make ourselves irrelevant.

SOURCE (See the original for links)

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More Warmist lies

No mention in the scary rubbish below that there has been a slow sea level rise ever since the last ice age. No mention that it has stopped in recent years. No mention that the Arctic sea ice is now recovering from its recent low. No mention that most of Greenland is so far below zero that none of the projected temperature rises would melt much of it. No mention that Glacial modeler Faezeh Nick of Durham University in the UK and her colleagues concluded that “Our results imply that the recent rates of mass loss in Greenland's outlet glaciers are transient and should not be extrapolated into the future” No mention that the latest research, just published in Nature Geoscience, suggests that the rise in hurricane frequency since 1995 was just part of a natural cycle, and that several similar previous increases have been recorded, each followed by a decline ... etc. etc...

New scientific data says the sea is rising faster than anyone thought and under worst-case scenarios, much of Miami and South Florida could be under water by the end of the century, unless drastic measures are taken soon.

Some of the world’s leading experts on Arctic climate change are meeting in Miami this week to share the newest science and plot the course for future science. What does the Arctic have to do with Miami? Everything. Just ask Lester Hernandez. He and his family live several miles from the beach. But new scientific projections of accelerating sea level rise say, within our lifetime, hurricane storm surges could reach his neighborhood and nearly all neighborhoods east of I-95. "To tell you the truth,” said Hernandez as he strolled on the sidewalk in his South Dade neighborhood, “I wouldn't have imagined it."

The challenge is this: the cause of this slow, insidious rise in the sea level is coming from thousands of miles away at the Greenland ice sheet. Additionally, new data says the polar ice cap will be completely without ice during a summer within a few years, which compounds the problem under the Florida sunshine.

That is the heavy burden carried by the world’s top Arctic scientists studying the worsening crisis at the top of the world. So it's entirely relevant that they came to Miami, which lies only feet above sea level.

"So the combination of heavier development on the coast and rising sea levels coupled with hurricanes,” said University of Miami Rosensteil oceanographer David Kadko, “Even if they were not more destructive - and there are arguments that they will be more destructive because of climate change - will cause huge amounts of destruction of property and, of course, our insurance rates will go up."

It's not just storm surge from hurricanes that threaten South Florida. Climate change here already means more diseases from insects, more acidic oceans that threaten our seafood, dying coral reefs, salt-tainted drinking water, extreme weather events, more polluted coastlines, more expensive food, and should the gulfstream shift as some experts fear, Florida’s famous subtropical climate will change.


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Riot by Leftist street thugs in England

Despite their name, The UAF are lineal descendants of Hitler's brownshirts. They deliberately converged on a patriotic demonstration with the aim of breaking it up. The arrests tell the story. Some of the patriots hit back, of course. Predictably, a common headline in news outlets was: "Riot police break up right wing protest". A more accurate headline would be: "Police fail to stop attack on patriotic rally"

At least 67 people have been arrested and several injured in violent clashes between right-wing and anti-fascist extremists and UK police during a town center demonstration in England. Controversial right-wing group The English Defence League (EDL) organised the rally in Victoria Square, Bolton, in England's north. A counter-demonstration by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) was also being held, and hundreds of police officers battled to keep control of the rival groups.

Who are the real fascists

Hilarious! Australian students become the first "Aborigines" to attend Oxford University

I wish the young people mentioned in the news story below all the best but calling them Aborigines is a laugh. I have a blue-eyed, fair-haired sister in law who is also called an Aborigine. Such is the politically correct nomenclature used in Australia. That real Aborigines have black skin, dark eyes, flat noses and heavy features is supposed to be invisible, apparently. At least the guy on the right below has something of the distinctive heavy features.

Even Charlie Perkins was not much of an Aborigine. His skin was yellowish rather than black and his nose was as narrow as mine. Such people would once have been called "half-castes" or "quarter castes" and beyond that simply "whites", though it might occasionally be observed that such "whites" had "a touch of the tar-brush" in their ancestry.

In short, the people in this story tell you NOTHING about people of wholly Aboriginal ancestry, though the do-gooders no doubt will be pretending that it does. I think it is an imposture to keep referring to people as "Aborigines" when they are clearly nothing of the sort. It certainly does no favours to Aborigines to have people held out to them as role models who are in fact effectively whites. I know Aborigines well and they have their own great strengths and virtues -- but they are not the same as the strengths and virtues of whites. May I use "paternalism" as a descriptor of the nonsense below?

Why does such a well-informed man as Martin Rees support global warming?

When there are NO scientific facts (only a poorly thought-out 19th century theory) behind claims of man-caused global warming, one has to wonder why many prominent scientists support it. There are probably a variety of reasons but, given the Left-lean of academe, the opportunity it offers for more control over the despised "masses" is the obvious explanation.

In some cases, however, there may be other forces at work. An obvious second motive is the hunger for self-advertisement. Making scary utterances and posing as a "saviour" of the planet is obviously great for personal publicity. I suspect that Martin Rees is in the second category. He has got himself into all sorts of prominent positions and he is in addition a small man. Small men are often quite hilariously preoccupied with being taken seriously. Note in the interview excerpted below that he mentions not one scientific fact. He just says: "I am an expert. Believe me". Quite contemptible.

Maybe I should play the same game. I am a much-published psychologist so you should trust my expert diagnosis of what moves Martin Rees.

The scum... er... heroes of the western world

Fox News - Two weeks after a conservative group disparaged Justice Department lawyers who previously represented terror suspects, Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday weighed in for the first time, calling such lawyers "patriots."
This is like coming out and saying that those lawyers who defend to the death, the rights of a child-raping pedophile only have children's rights in mind. Like saying the leftards wailing about the death penalty only have victim's rights at heart. I'm surprised he didn't call for statues to be erected in their honor, perhaps after the one of their divine lord, savior, messiah and saint obama.
“Those who reaffirm our nation’s most essential and enduring values do not deserve to have their own values questioned,” Holder told a group of lawyers who offer "pro bono," or voluntary, legal services. "Let me be clear about this: Lawyers who provide counsel for the unpopular are, and should be treated as what they are: patriots."
Only a leftist can stand there and prattle such tripe with a straight face. Yes folks, defending those that hate your country, defending those that tried to and killed many of your fellow country men makes you a real patriot! Go to war for your country, get shot to shit and blown to pieces, and leftist scum love to question your values and smear you as murderers from pillar to post.
The crowd, gathered to ass-polish honor Holder with an award from the Washington-based Pro Bono Institute, erupted in applause.
So in essence it was just a gathering of leftists to spit-polish each others asses. Looks like a real fine shine was achieved all round. Next, eric and his hero lawyers will be thanking their beloved jihadis for testing their values! Because you know, if it weren't for the innocent jihadis plotting death and mayhem rounded up by the Bush-Halliburton-Oilco cabal for nothing, there wouldn't be any need for these unsung heroes and patriots to step forward in our darkest hour and save the human race from mob justice.
For months the Justice Department had been refusing to identify seven politically-appointed attorneys who previously represented or advocated for terror suspects.
Yeah them lawyers, they're such patriots, heroes and martyrs if you will folks, Special forces and Marines got nothing on the hero lawyer brigade. Those veterans without limbs and such got nothing on these lawyer boys. Funny how eric can't bring himself to name them and glorify their names in public though, these patriots, heroes and martyrs of the western world. No 'lawyer-day' for them, so sad that they won't get all the accolades and glory that they've so obviously earned. *spit*

The Human Costs of Big Government

President Obama recently informed a crowd of young people — to thunderous applause — that under his health care plan, they could stay on their parents’ coverage till age 26. Voters 18-21, of course, went for Obama by a 2-1 margin, but given that he is a ‘post-partisan’ president, we can’t chalk that up to politics, now can we?

Obama-care proponents contend that his proposal is only an option and not a mandate (though a handful of states have enacted mandates). But then so are junk food and cigarettes, and no one hesitates to address their dangers. Under our Constitution, whether or not parents choose to provide coverage for their grown children is not the concern of President Obama. As columnist Mark Steyn has noted, however, the details of Obama-care pale in importance next to the overall concept of nationalizing yet more of our private lives. Forget the minutiae for a moment and consider our culture.

Public debate almost always concerns the practicalities and economics of Nanny-state activism. Seldom considered is that the human toll of engendering dependency can be measured in fatherless households, lack of initiative and prolonged adolescence.

Numerous sociological factors can probably explain why fifty years ago a 26 year-old was an adult, long independent, with a stable job and an intact family, whereas today, 26 is practically late childhood. Still, policies that keep young people dependent on their parents (via the government) do not instill self-discipline or allow the confidence and self-satisfaction derived from taking care of yourself for the first time. The Great Society and the welfare-state must bear some of the blame. Diana West, in The Death of the Grown-up (2007) details how Italy’s highest court ordered the estranged father of a thirty year-old to pay his son roughly $1000 a month until he found a job that “fit his aspirations.” The son had a law degree, but the court ruled that a parent’s duty of maintenance did not end with adulthood. According to West, to no great surprise, more than a third of Italians over thirty still live at home with their parents. Still, such an outrage could never happen here.

Or could it? The drip-drip accumulation of big-government policies nullifies our better natures. And political correctness and radical feminism have wussified many American males. Teenage girls in Seattle recently beat one of their own senseless while a group of security guards watched. Where was law enforcement, everyone asked, when the pertinent question was where were the MEN? Iowa, responding to public outrage, recently passed legislation to keep underage girls from performing in strip clubs, reversing a controversial court decision (which deemed stripping an ‘art’). Why, in 2010, was this even an issue? Men used to protect the safety and chastity not only of their own daughters but of all girls. Today, young women depend on the fickle nature of court rulings, not as a last line line of defense, but often as their only option.

Each tier of Nanny-state activism is easier to write off than the one before it. Patriots tend to save their big guns (figuratively speaking, of course) for the most outrageous abuses of federal encroachment. By then, we have accepted most of their premises and are just arguing the practicalities. In public debate, compassion and emotion tend to trump reason and tough love, but if the left wants to advance their agenda on grounds of compassion, perhaps they can show us their humanitarian reasons for Euro-fying American and denying citizens their sense of freedom and self-sufficiency. The hard facts of Obama-care are public record, but only by speaking to the unlimited potentials of our citizens will they really grasp what is on the line.


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More on the racist brawl in Melbourne

"The Age" (see below) is surprisingly informative: The races are not named, of course but the "very tall fellows" would undoubtedly be East Africans (e.g. Sudanese) and the other group were probably Polynesians (e.g. Maori, Samoans). Polynesians tend to be very aggressive. A fighting response to any mockery would be absolutely normal for Polynesians

Six men have been charged over a terrifying brawl at a shopping centre in Melbourne’s east yesterday. Police said the fight erupted at the Whitehorse Plaza shopping centre in Box Hill and involved nine men from two groups.

Reports allege some combatants carried knives and used chairs to attack the second group, with the fight spilling on to Whitehorse Road and surrounding streets.

Paramedics were called but treated only one man, a 19-year-old who claimed he had not been injured but was vomiting. He was taken to Maroondah Hospital in a stable condition. One bystander suffered a cut to the head but did not need medical treatment.

About 5pm, police arrested nine men over the fight. Six men, aged 18 to 23, from the eastern and south-eastern suburbs, were charged with affray. The three other men were released without charge. The six will appear in the Ringwood Magistrates Court at a later date.

Witness ‘‘Kelly’’ told Radio 3AW today ‘‘some very, very tall fellows were whistling and calling out’’ when another group responded to the noise. ‘‘Eventually it turned into a bit of a face off, a bit of a face off, and then it turned into a full-on brawl,’’ she said. She said the two groups were from different cultural backgrounds [i.e. races] and the fight went on for ‘‘10 to 15 minutes up and down the mall’’.


Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

A new low for the ABC

"Comedian" Fiona O'Loughlin says Bindi Irwin 'creepy', needs slap in face. One hopes that the ABC has enough remnants of good taste not to employ the garbage ever again

RECOVERING alcoholic comedian Fiona O'Loughlin has sunk to a new low, calling Bindi Irwin a creep who needs a slap in the face. Viewers branded O'Loughlin spiteful and hateful after her performance on Wednesday's episode of ABC music quiz Spicks and Specks.

O'Loughlin described 11-year-old Bindi as a "bit creepy" before doing an over-the-top impersonation of the child star's voice. She then made a gesture indicating Bindi was crazy, before miming a slap across the child star's face.

The bitter outburst stunned fellow panellists, particularly Chris Durling, a former member of Bindi's Crocmen. Durling said working with Bindi was a great experience, describing her as "gorgeous" and down-to-earth. "What you see is what you get," Durling said of Bindi.

A laughing O'Loughin replied: "Yeah, a freak show."

Series regular Alan Brough waded into the awkward discussion, joking that O'Loughlin was spiteful and hateful for getting stuck into a little girl.

Viewers were quick to voice their outrage, with the ABC's online message board awash with criticism, saying the show had lost the plot. Viewers said O'Loughlin was "tasteless", "un-Australian" and a bully....

O'Loughlin discusses her battle with the booze in an interview to be published in Saturday's Herald Sun.


Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

When homos are sent to war - A RETIRED US general today said Dutch UN troops defending Srebrenica in the Bosnian war failed to prevent the 1995 genocide partly because their ranks included openly gay soldiers. John Sheehan, a former NATO commander and senior Marine officer, made the remarks at a senate hearing where he argued against plans by US President Barack Obama to end a ban on allowing gays to serve openly in the US military.

Gen Sheehan said that after the end of the Cold War, European militaries changed and concluded "there was no longer a need for an active combat capability". He said this "socialiSation" process "included open homosexuality" and led to "a focus on peacekeeping operations because they did not believe the Germans were going to attack again or the Soviets were coming back".
On a side note, this socialization process is the very thing that obama and the rest of his demotards are hellbent on foisting upon America. However, unlike the euro-gayboys who had American military might to turn to if things turned to shit, who does America have to turn to when things turn to shit just like they did in europe. More importantly, who does the rest of the western world have to turn to if there is no America?

Most of us cannot even contemplate a world where we can't siphon off a bit of the neighbors earnings or at least have a say in how the company down the road spends its profits. Heck, we can't even muster the brains to demand the right to defend ourselves on our streets when no one else will. So forget about giving up the social programs in favor of holding the line. In essence, it's America or bust!

Back to the euro gayboys.

No one saw, no one heard, no one asked - A BYSTANDER has been injured as a large group of teenagers attacked another group with knives and chairs at a shopping centre in Melbourne's east. The brawl broke out at the Whitehorse Plaza shopping centre in Box Hill at about 5pm (AEDT) yesterday, police said.

The armed group set upon the second group, with the fight eventually spilling on to Whitehorse Rd and surrounding streets. One by-stander suffered a cut to the head but did not need medical treatment. Nine males have been arrested.
Gee I wonder who they were, couldn't have been some of those muslim savages from Sudan or Somalia, no sir, no way in hell. Must have been some of those crazy white kids, Baptists vs Anglicans or something, it's on for young and old baby. Had a look on some of major media sites, most are not even carrying the story, the ones that do are very quiet about who they were. Just teenage males having a feisty argument, maybe Asian monks in training practicing their kung fu, you just can't be told you see.

Wouldn't want any of you getting a whiff of their precious multiculti turning to shit, wouldn't want any of you asking some hard questions about our glorious weapons laws, immigration and such. Best you lot are kept cowed, dumb and ignorant, it's an election year you know, kevvie and his labortards need their media lick-spittles to go all the way this time.

Leftist argumentation

I noted on Greenie Watch recently the low quality of Green/Left argumentation. Almost all of it is ad hominem abuse or appeals to authority. Any interest in the facts of a matter is conspicuously absent. I am sure that most conservative bloggers find the same in emails that they get from Leftists.

Just for fun, however, I thought I might put up here the latest such email that I have received from a Leftist. As per usual it is pure abuse and full of hate. It comes from an Allan Blackburn [].
I was reading your anti health care blog in America, when I came upon the fact that you are from Australia, have been married four times, and are about as redneck as they come. Please stay in Australia. If you are an example of someone who is professing to tell Americans how to live, with your value system as it is, where marriage is an institute of; "Love for the moment," please stay in Australia and focus your attentions on your own issues as well as your countries.

You remind me of Rush Limbaugh who has spread conservative hate mongering, against drug addiction, until he was caught engaging in illegal doctor shopping and then screamed; "I have a disease," and demanded the need to go to treatment which he denied to others for years.

They must have a mold that turns out people like you. Every fifth person, popping out of the womb, instant A-hole. Thanks for the laughs.

If that is an example of Leftist brains, no wonder America is in such a mess at the moment. I also note that even a Ph.D. who disagrees with him is a "redneck" apparently: A typical example of how Leftists use words for their abusive impact rather than their meaning.

Mr Blackburn is apparently in the business of "detoxing" druggies and alcoholics. One wonders if such a hate-filled and angry person is really appropriate in that role.

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