The 'farts' community at it again - In 1989, Ferguson was sentenced to 14 years in jail for kidnapping three NSW children and sexually assaulting them in a Brisbane motel for three days. He was later charged with indecently assaulting two girls, aged four and five, in 2005.
Hard to believe, but a someone has actually painted a portrait of the above parasite. Yes, a parasite that raped 3 children over a couple of days in a motel. Yes, someone painted a portrait of him. What's worse, this portrait has been entered in an Arts competition and will be displayed alongside other paintings. Apparently it's all down to artistic freedom or something, yes, really!

Far as I'm concerned they can take their artistic freedom and shove it up their ass, at worst the wankers can gather in a private place and fawn over their precious pedophile at their own expense, but they nor this POS has any place in a public gallery, let alone one that's funded by the tax payer.
ABC News - New South Wales Premier Kristina Keneally says she does not want to view a portrait of paedophile Dennis Ferguson which has been entered in this year's Archibald Prize. The painting, by Trevor Hotten, shows Ferguson in the background. Brett Collins from Justice Action is featured in the foreground. Ms Keneally does not believe the New South Wales Art Gallery should be stopped from hanging the portrait.
I heard this morally confused leftist twit on the radio earlier, she uttered the usual weasel words about how she didn't think it was appropriate and how she wouldn't go and see it, but as usual with these leftist types, they never quite grow the spine to take an actual stand and tell the equally morally bankrupt farts community to stand the @#$& down.

What this twit should have done is pick up the effing phone and tell whichever pissant is in charge of the Arts Gallery, listen here chump, the portrait is of a child-raping pedophile, I shouldn't have to waste my time picking up this effing phone to tell this to your dumbass but if that painting even gets past your front door, I'll have you and the rest of the fartists eating out of a dumpster by next week, kapish?

With shit like this passing for art, is it any wonder that Joe Public out there is most often repulsed by or has nothing but contempt for the farts community. The real artists from back in history must be rolling in their graves.


  1. Leftists never met a pedophile they didn't love.

    But Premier Barbie-doll is right. The gallery shouldn't be stopped from hanging the portrait - that's a moral decision they can make for themselves. However, continuing funding for the gallery... that's a decision Barbie can make.

  2. Exactly ar, speaks volumes about where her values really stand.


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