Free to kill

Yahoo News - ...23-year-old Justin Charles Williams was a serial car thief still on bail and was facing vehicle charges as he slammed a stolen Mazda 626 into their car at a speed of up to 150km/h. Williams died instantly, as did the three occupants of the other car, Canberra couple Scott Oppelaar-Mills, 33, and Samantha Ford, 29, and their four-month-old baby boy, Brody.

Williams's criminal record dates back as far as 2002 and records multiple convictions for vehicle offences. Williams was also facing a charge of stealing a car and leading police on a chase through south Canberra in 2008. He was also behind the wheel of another stolen car which crashed in Queanbeyan, leaving him in a coma for three weeks and facing charges over vehicle theft.

MK - This piece of shit should never have been out amongst us, but try telling that to our soft-spined judiciary and various leftists constantly clamoring for piss-weak sentencing. Instead the focus now is on the police who dared to chase this piece of shit. I even heard one idiot saying the cops should plan for traffic on their chases and do it when there aren't too many cars on the road. As if pieces of shit like williams email the cops in advance informing them of their crime sprees.

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  1. The police via the local media were using the accident to patronisingly warn the public about the dangers of "speeding"..

    They obviously think us fools.

    PC roadside speed cameras were seen in the vicinity in the days following the incident for PR purposes.

    The collective mind of this Nanny State is insane.

    We live in a sick society made that way on purpose so as to give cause for "repair".

    Canberra is largely a facile city of light minded careerist buffoons seeking import and promotion above all else....

    At the highest levels of the Wankery that comprises the establishment, the job market appears to be highly fluid with functionaries, managers and administrators hopping from one tenure to the next as part of their career ascendency within the public disservice..that gives effect to their own narcissistic self service.

    Many of the systems into which they insinuate themselves are decades old and have been impoved over time by others so that they have begun to approach maximum levels of efficiency...The problem in this for the bed hopping careerist is that to demonstrate effectiveness for the purposes of resume in applying for his/her next appointment, change must be made....If no change is necesssary, then there is no opportunity to demonstrate "effectivness"...So the Dipshit managerial social butterfly will fiddle with the systems just to effect a change. Change effectivness is usual quantified in dollar terms by shifting cost elwhere, or disguising the "saving". Disaster often ensues and the high level blowfly functionary fly flies to its next sticky app ointment leaving the results of its careerist incursion for the long serving locals to wear and then rectify..

    It is probably the same at the highest bungling levels of the AFP.


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