The boats rudd promised to turn back! - SEVERAL hundred boat people are expected to arrive within days aboard two illegal vessels, triggering a mass transfer of refugees from Christmas Island to the mainland. The likely influx will trigger a huge taxpayer-financed operation and be seized upon by the Opposition as Kevin Rudd's "Tampa".

Darwin's immigration detention centre has been on alert for the arrival of several hundred asylum seekers from Christmas Island, which is close to overflowing. "If one of the big boats arrives, then Christmas Island will be blown out of the water," a source said. The transfer of asylum seekers to the mainland will be politically explosive, reinforcing concerns the Prime Minister broke his election promise to turn back the boats.

Are we still sitting around scratching our asses and entertaining this wild dream that the sauce-boy hasn't broke his election promise to turn back the boats!

Helloooo, come on Aussies, you're not stupid are you, seriously, has any boat been turned back, what the heck do you think happens every time we hear of a boat being welcomed and brought to Christmas island for "processing". Has anyone been sent back? I can't think of a single boat.

Kevin rudd broke his promise long ago and is currently dancing around on the pieces giving you the middle finger. If we still don't see this, then I'm afraid we really are quite stupid. Put him in charge of healthcare too people, he's your man, don't worry about all this, he'll save you, with the pixie dust and the magic spells. Yay!


  1. Never mind turning them back, what happened to the Indonesian Solution that Krunt was crowing about? Seems he's burnt our neighbours so badly with his deceit they are no longer cooperating. The boats were being stopped in Indo waters - not any more. Thanks again, Krunt.

  2. More Krunt lies. He tells us there were more asylum seekers under Howard, of course ignoring the fact that Howard took a huge political hit to stop the boats coming. From zero boats we now have 3 or 4 per week because Krunt needs to feel good about himself.

    Oh, and we're bringing them to Darwin now, Christmas Island is getting a bit whiffy, you know, over-crowding and all...

  3. Was that for real, he has the shameless audacity to say Howard was worse, the sniveling cretin!

    How people continue to have any faith in this joke of a man is beyond me.


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