What passes for justice in Britain

Daily Mail - ...In 2008 he was switched from Wakefield Prison, West Yorkshire, to Frankland, just outside the city of Durham. Within weeks of arriving, Huntley was given privileges which others would take months of good behaviour to earn. They include a private room within the health care wing. Rather than being forced to wear uniform, he and other inmates are allowed their own choice of designer clothes. Officers guarding Huntley have been told by the governor to treat him - and fellow inmates - as 'extensions of their family' and use their first names or address them as 'Mr'.

The officers were also instructed to 'humour' Huntley and to play games such as chess, darts and Scrabble with him because, until recently, he could not associate with other prisoners. Three meals a day, chosen by Huntley from an extensive menu, are delivered to the 12ft x 10ft room where the pressures of serving a double life sentence are alleviated by his personal Freeview TV, a Sony CD player, stereo and Nintendo games console.

MK - This cockroach murdered two little girls and this is how tough the British justice system is on him. I always thought their jails were soft on criminals, it's actually worse, this is the equivalent of urinating on their victims graves. He should have been executed after the trials process was over, instead he's on some sort of holiday. That's the left for you, never met a criminal scumbag they couldn't worship.

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