Islamism and democracy

The other day Geert Wilders said that Islamism and democracy are incompatible, he wasn't declaring it or decreeing it, just stating what seems obvious to anyone with half a brain. Naturally a whole bunch of leftists, pc-thugs and closet fascists got their panties all knotted up in a tight little bunch. Oh how dare Geert, the nazi, how dare he, and they proceeded to attempt a muzzling of Geert using violent means. Fortunately they failed and not long after that, their islamist pimps went about proving Geert right.
Reuters - Bomb blasts and rocket and mortar fire killed 38 people as Iraqis voted on Sunday in an election they hoped would distance their nascent democracy from years of sectarian slaughter as U.S. troops pack up to leave. The explosions rumbled across Baghdad and other cities after Sunni Islamist insurgents vowed to wreck voting for Iraq's second full-term parliament since the 2003 U.S. invasion, a vote watched closely by global oil companies planning to invest billions to develop the country's dilapidated oilfields.
Back when this all started, the islamists were carrying on about crusaders invading muslim lands and what not, the objective that their leftist whores swallowed being; the infidels must leave, Bush is a crusader, oil etc. Well now that the troops are leaving, they're getting what they want, crusaders leaving muslim lands, yes? But that's not enough because it was never really that, they can't stand people choosing for themselves, they want sharia and islamic law, just like it says in their wretched book of hate and death. Thanks for proving us right assholes, not that the fascist whiners on the left will get it though, they'll still be whining at people like Geert for stating the obvious.

In other news.
Reuters - Pakistani security agents have arrested an American al Qaeda spokesman wanted in the United States on a treason charge, Pakistani security agents said on Sunday. Adam Gadahn, a California-born convert to Islam and the first American to be charged with treason since the World War Two era, has appeared in al Qaeda videos posted on the Internet threatening the United States with violence.
Too bad Bush isn't still in charge cos the last words adam the scumbag would be hearing - You goin' to gitmo for singing lessons bitch! The way it'll play out now with obumchum in charge; adam will get the right to remain silent, fair trials, lawyers, rights, kumbaya etc. Oh and I almost forgot, a simultaneous assurance from obama that adam would be found guilty in a fair trial and never be released anyway, so there's nothing to worry about.


  1. I've always felt that islam is a violent religion and most repulsive. Thanks for confirming MK, you're a star.

    - Dave

  2. I know nothing about the issues I scream abuse around on. But hey, when you're a leftist retard who cares about facts, right?

    - Dave, gutless fuck

  3. "Thanks for confirming MK, you're a star."

    Oh thanks davey, that's very sweet of you.

    "- Dave, gutless fuck"

    i guess you are what you are but still a rare moment of clarity for you davey. Keep taking those happy pills son, they're really doing wonders for your character.

    If you keep going this way, who knows, in future you might even grow a pair and start a little blog of your own and speak truth to power and all that.

    Don't hold back on account of us davey, you see we really do like you and know that we shouldn't hold you back, onwards ol' chap, no one holding you here davey, run along now son, chop-chop.

  4. I see Glenn Beck talking out of his a*se again, this time about Wilders: Far-right fascist. Yeh, right.

    Wilders is Europe's Churchill of our time. Let's hope the "far right fascist" becomes PM in the upcoming elections.


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