Democrats maintain their hatred of the unborn

Fox News - House Democratic leaders Thursday abandoned a long struggle to strike a compromise on abortion in their ranks, gambling that they can secure the support for President Barack Obama's sweeping health care legislation with showdown votes looming as early as next week. In doing so, they are all but counting out a small but potentially decisive group whose views on abortion coverage have become the principal hang-up for Democrats fighting to achieve the biggest change in American health care in generations.

Republicans continued their fierce criticisms of the president's efforts, vowing to make Democrats pay dearly in the fall elections if they don't back off from what they brand a government takeover of health care. But senior Democrats predicted they can convince their colleagues that doing nothing is the worst option of all, politically and substantively.
Here everyone was thinking that these vermin would be scared off at the thought of being savaged at the next election. Here they were thinking the left could be reasoned withHere everyone was thinking these vermin would listen to the people who are telling them 'NO'! Doesn't make any difference folks, they're going full steam ahead and what's worse, no matter what happens the left cannot bring itself to spare the unborn.

We're not talking about banning abortion, just to hold the @#$& back, slow down and maybe reach a compromise, but this is the left you see; getting the left to spare even one of the most vulnerable and innocent of human life is like getting satan himself to proclaim that Jesus is the son of God. Never gonna happen folks, they'll cry for a pedophile on death row, they fight tooth and nail to get a cop-killer off, oh yeah no problem; but when it comes to the unborn, those vipers only have hearts of cold, solid stone for them.


  1. It does seem that the Dems have abandon all efforts to compromise with the pro-life wing of their party and are determined to push tax-payer supported abortion on Americans. Posting a link to the post tomorrow on TOTUS. Almost forgot, I love those cartoons, I had see the top one, but the bottom is new and I may use it on by cartoon site.

  2. Go right ahead Ron, spread the word, perhaps the bastards can be shamed into backing off.


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