Asshole! - TOM Hanks is under fire for suggesting that World War II veterans are racist. The star of Saving Private Ryan has twice compared the Second World War with the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, saying all three were about race. Promoting his new series The Pacific, which was filmed in Melbourne and Queensland, he told MSNBC yesterday that the war drama "represents a war that was of racism and terror".
Best thing to do, don't argue with him cos there's no point stating the facts or history as it happened, that never made any difference to assholes and this asshole is no different. This asshole wouldn't be fit to polish the boots of the western worlds finest, so give him nothing but the contempt he deserves. Best way to punish him is to avoid the crap he peddles as entertainment and encourage everyone else to do so as well. I'm sure there are plenty of sniveling leftist roaches out there who share his views, so they can all prop up his bank account all by their loathsome lonesome.


  1. Last week on the Factor, O'Reilly said Hanks was losing it. And he was right. Again.

    Another Hollywood shithead. It's getting so I can't watch a movie without snarling whenever a lunatic left arsehole is in the scene.

  2. Yeah, the ones that aren't assholes are few and far between ar.

  3. Perhaps Forrest Gump was a truer representation of the real Tom Hnaks than we realised.


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