Justice progressive style

Daily Mail - The two Christian hoteliers cleared last year of insulting a Muslim guest are being forced to sell up because their business has collapsed. Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang are putting their nine-bedroom hotel up for auction in May because they can no longer pay the mortgage. ...The couple saw their Liverpool business brought to its knees after an investigation into what was deemed a religiously aggravated hate crime against Ericka Tazi. The 60-year-old white British convert complained that the couple had called the prophet Mohammed a 'warlord' and told her that Muslim women were oppressed.

The case against them was thrown out after a judge at Liverpool magistrates' court said it flew in the face of their right to freedom of religious expression. ...One of their main sources of income before the case was the National Health Service, which used Bounty House for doctors attending conferences and groups of patients on pain-relief courses at the Walton Centre, part of Aintree Hospital. But the centre stopped sending guests to the hotel after the complaint by Mrs Tazi, one of its patients.
So the muslim who accused them of this crap gets away, the police who went after them also get away, they may have won the case, but they're out of a business now and ruined. So who now can afford to exercise their freedom in Britain, like that woman who didn't want queers staying at her B&B the other day, who can afford to be free in Britain anymore. I can tell you, most will learn to shut up and put up if this is what happens at the end of the day.

Speaking of injustice, the people above are hung out to dry even if they are not guilty of anything, but look how much effort and money is lavished on a guilty piece of shit in Britain.
The Australian - CHILD murderer Ian Brady claims it has cost UK taxpayers £3 million ($4.95 million) to keep him alive on his 10-year hunger strike. Brady, known as the Moors murderer after killing five children with accomplice Myra Hindley in the early 1960s, says he is now a 71-year-old "skeleton," 10 years after doctors initiated a program of feeding him through a nasal tube. In a letter copied to a news agency, the serial killer reaffirms his wish to die and condemns the public money used to prolong his life despite abandoning a legal battle to return him to a regular prison where he would have the right to refuse force-feeding and starve himself to death.
Yes, you read right, this fellow murdered 5 children and believe it or not, he wants to die, he doesn't want to live.
He writes: "I request and expect nothing from the vermin here, except a coffin, and am politically force-fed as they can't leech a living from dead bodies. "The moral, professional and mental bankruptcy of Ashworth, where corrupt over-manning and continued fake employment of redundants means it now costs over £300,000 to store a tramp, immigrant or minor thief, per annum.
You know I never thought I'd agree with a child-murderer, but I'm with this piece of shit, pull the tube, let him die off and save the taxpayer the money. In fact, I actually have more respect for this piece of shit than the bureaucratic scum who want to keep sucking away at the British taxpayer. He's of no use to society, evil and utterly worthless, he wants to die, so why is he being kept alive, he should have been executed 10 years ago. We all know leftists would love to legalize assisted suicide of ordinary people who just want to die so you'd think that they'd jump at the chance to pull the plug on this scumbag. But that's not how leftism works folks, the guilty must be coddled, while the innocent are crushed.

The same thing will happen in America and Australia as the cancer of leftism progresses. Sadly, by the time enough of us figure out our ass from our elbow, it'll be far too late to do anything about it. The liberal fascists have won after all.

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