Greenies love of mass murderers - MASS-murderer Martin Bryant would be allowed to vote in state and federal elections under a policy the Greens are taking to the Tasmanian state election on March 20. ...The Greens have vowed to "legislate to give the fundamental democratic right to vote in elections to all people serving custodial sentences".

This would include Bryant, who killed 35 people and injured 21 in 1996, in the Port Arthur Massacre. Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim is leading the push for greater rights for prisoners as a key plank of the party's policy election platform. Late last year he told Parliament that the right to vote was an absolute one that should be extended to all people.
So murderers voting is an absolute right for these green scum, but try getting those cockroaches to accept that every human being has a right to defend themselves from such murderous pieces of shit with the easiest means possible. You'll have a better chance of getting jihadist scum to mend their ways.

Like I always say, in their heart of hearts leftists always fall on the side of evil. They might not celebrate the actions of a mass murderer, they know better than that, but they do whatever they can to make their lives as better as they can get away with. Like giving them the vote, getting the death penalty off the table, like getting them free healthcare, warm food, human rights and all that shit these pieces of shit never gave to their victims.

Here's to hoping Tasmanians have more brains than to give their vote to such filth.


  1. One thing you can say about the Greens is they can recognise their demographic.

    Remember the German internet cannibal - he became his prison's Green party president.

    There are no depths beyond the Greens.

  2. Sounds like the greens in Tasmania have gone off the rails--oops they've been that way for some time. Even the radicals in this country have not crossed that line here, but it will come as sure as the sun rises in the east. Next they would want the state to transport them to the polling station.

  3. Yeah i remember that one ar, seems the vermin flock together.

    Off course Ron and if they happen to escape and kill someone, well that's just too bad, the price for social justice.


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