Forced into submission and cowardice - ONLY two urgent response police cars patrol some Sydney suburbs, leaving the community unprotected. There has has also been a blowout in response times, with officers now taking 12.4 minutes - almost two minutes longer than five years ago - to respond to triple-0 calls. Non-urgent response times have increased by 21 minutes, with crime victims waiting an average of one hour and 14 minutes for police.

Last Thursday a 22-year-old woman was attacked just two minutes from Waverley police station. Police arrived almost an hour later. They told her her case had been given the wrong response category.

That's what relying on government and laws for protection gets you. Getting raped, shot, robbed or bashed? Call our friendly helpline and join the queue, remember your call is important to us and we appreciate your patience, an operator will be with your shortly. Now don't get any fancy ideas about defending yourself and all that, we have laws against that sort of thing, best if you run and cower, that's the way we want you.

Don't like it? Find a piece of paper and write a nice letter to your local member, hey it's an election year so they might even pretend to give a shit!

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