The scum... er... heroes of the western world

Fox News - Two weeks after a conservative group disparaged Justice Department lawyers who previously represented terror suspects, Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday weighed in for the first time, calling such lawyers "patriots."
This is like coming out and saying that those lawyers who defend to the death, the rights of a child-raping pedophile only have children's rights in mind. Like saying the leftards wailing about the death penalty only have victim's rights at heart. I'm surprised he didn't call for statues to be erected in their honor, perhaps after the one of their divine lord, savior, messiah and saint obama.
“Those who reaffirm our nation’s most essential and enduring values do not deserve to have their own values questioned,” Holder told a group of lawyers who offer "pro bono," or voluntary, legal services. "Let me be clear about this: Lawyers who provide counsel for the unpopular are, and should be treated as what they are: patriots."
Only a leftist can stand there and prattle such tripe with a straight face. Yes folks, defending those that hate your country, defending those that tried to and killed many of your fellow country men makes you a real patriot! Go to war for your country, get shot to shit and blown to pieces, and leftist scum love to question your values and smear you as murderers from pillar to post.
The crowd, gathered to ass-polish honor Holder with an award from the Washington-based Pro Bono Institute, erupted in applause.
So in essence it was just a gathering of leftists to spit-polish each others asses. Looks like a real fine shine was achieved all round. Next, eric and his hero lawyers will be thanking their beloved jihadis for testing their values! Because you know, if it weren't for the innocent jihadis plotting death and mayhem rounded up by the Bush-Halliburton-Oilco cabal for nothing, there wouldn't be any need for these unsung heroes and patriots to step forward in our darkest hour and save the human race from mob justice.
For months the Justice Department had been refusing to identify seven politically-appointed attorneys who previously represented or advocated for terror suspects.
Yeah them lawyers, they're such patriots, heroes and martyrs if you will folks, Special forces and Marines got nothing on the hero lawyer brigade. Those veterans without limbs and such got nothing on these lawyer boys. Funny how eric can't bring himself to name them and glorify their names in public though, these patriots, heroes and martyrs of the western world. No 'lawyer-day' for them, so sad that they won't get all the accolades and glory that they've so obviously earned. *spit*

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