Government efficiency at its finest!

The Australian - A NSW public school compelled to use a government-approved contractor for renovations to its school hall under the Building the Education Revolution scheme says it was quoted $200,000 more than a neighbouring private school, which used a local contractor.St Paul's Lutheran School and Henty Public School in the rural town of Henty, near Wagga Wagga, in the state's southwest, each received $850,000 under the federal government's $6.2 billion school infrastructure scheme.

Henty Public School hoped to restore its hall and renovate the school's 1950s toilet block, but was unable to refurbish the toilet block after it was given a $230,000 quote from contractor Laing O'Rourke for building management and design of the hall. As a private school, St Paul's managed its own funds and employed a local contractor who used the money to build three classrooms, a toilet block and playground area, with $31,000 for building management and design.
Amazing isn't it, even with the vast armada of bureaucratic scumbags pushing paper this way and that, memos coming out of their ass, getting advice from here and there, issuing directives, holding meetings and what not. Even with all that, their way cost two hundred thousand more and got less done in the end. The private school that got the money probably shopped around for the best deal and quite obviously got it, they even got the job done much faster, miraculous isn't it!

You know what the sad thing about all this is, I didn't hear a single person utter or acknowledge the real message in this story, just like they ignored the real message in the insulation fuck-up that's going to cost us even more millions upon millions to fix. For those unaware of this, Mark Steyn has an article on what that's all about; thanks to the Australian left, we are now an international joke, thanks assholes.

The real message here is this folks, this is what big government does, just about every time you put them in charge of something, it costs too much, delivers too late and often screws it all up in the process. It doesn't matter who dropped the ball, which department did this or did that, that simply leads nowhere, all our dumb ass needs to figure out is that you shouldn't give them the money or the power to squander and screw it all up in the first place.

Then there is no need to have an inquiry or a review or punish them at the next election and most importantly, you keep more of your own money and you can spend it on the things you want in your community.

But apparently that's all too simple for us, and many of us are quite prepared to put the morons responsible for the above in charge of our healthcare system. Yes, I'm sure they've learned their lesson, I'm sure the next time it'll be efficient, on time, on budget and to the best standards, pass the joint will ya.

It's like banging your head repeatedly against the wall expecting the pain to get better!

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