Those wretched statistics - INDIGENOUS people remain over-represented in police matters, turning up in the South Australian justice system 11 times more than non-indigenous people. The South Australian figure is only the tip of data showing the continuing over-representation, Australian Bureau of Statistics data showed.

"The next highest ratio of indigenous to non-indigenous offender rates was in the Northern Territory at eight times higher," a report released today said. "In New South Wales it was slightly less than eight times higher, and in Queensland it was less than seven times the rate of non-indigenous offenders." In the Northern Territor, 75 per cent of all offenders were indigenous.
Geez, talk about punching above their weight! Oh but I'm sure whitey must be to blame for this in some form or or other, can't be that the beautiful indigenous people who we have to say sorry to and prop up using our taxes are just more violent and criminal-minded savages than the rest of us. Oh no, I'm sure some leftist asshole will come running here to blame it all on white racism, imperialism or some such half-baked bullshit.

Because you know, they were so peaceful and wonderful before whitey came to civilize this land. Maybe the sauce-boy can issue another groveling apology, that ought to be enough, besides it's an election year and there's only so many illegals he can count on, so he needs all the extra votes he can get.

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