The Coup Continues

(photo courtesy of RedPlanetCartoons)

The 219-212 obamacare vote in the House of (non)Representatives is the biggest step toward the end of America since that bastard FDR's Social inSecurity ponzi scheme.

...most people don't know that one of the things that they did in the old Weimar Republic (Germany, prior to WW2) was to "nationalize" THEIR health care system.
You know, they were similarly cavalier about murdering the unborn, I need to give a history lesson about how all that eventually worked out?

Hey, stupak, what price your soul?

According to Dante, the lowest layer of Hell is for traitors - the filth who betray those who trust them.

Make some room, Judas, here's a list of the 219 new cellies you can expect to eventually come on down and join you.

...on the (slightly less than) "brighter side", let the lawsuits against this violation of the Constitution begin - 37 states-worth (which puts it in range of a Constitutional Amendment).

This war is far from over, and the next real battlefield is coming in November.

Do not forget this day.

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  1. I hope the lawsuits break them Touch, the bastards deserve every last kick to the nuts.


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