Australian rocker tells it like it is

We read:
"Rock'n'roll bad boy Gary "Angry" Anderson believes life experience has taught him "Aussies use their fists" when they fight and that "weapons were introduced by other cultures".

The former Rose Tattoo frontman's comments before a Parliamentary inquiry yesterday have experts describing his views as "pure fantasy" and ignoring "the realities of life".

Anderson, 63, was adamant he's not racist and said politically correct bureaucrats were getting in the way of progress when it comes to preventing youth violence. "The racial thing, the cultural thing needs to be addressed because it's not going to go away," he told a Federal Parliamentary Committee into the impact of violence on youth.

"You never kick a bloke when he's down . . . you don't gang up on a bloke. These things are Australian and we shouldn't shy away from being Australian." The father of four said he had taught his sons these principles, adding that "other cultures" - Lebanese, Indochinese and Pacific Islanders - had introduced weapons.

"We have to acknowledge that they have a different view about how they deal with each other," he said.


At age 66 I am old enough to remember how things were in Australia when the population was almost entirely of European origin and my recollection tallies exactly with how Anderson describes it.

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  1. Personally I don't have much regard for Angry Anderson, but he is entitled to an opinion, and there is truth in what he says here. He can expect to be crucified by the media now, for daring to say anything the least bit critical of the multicultural sacred cow.

  2. It's all very well to say "You never kick a bloke when he's down . . ." but in the context of a woman defending herself in a street attack, it is entirely appropritate to do whatever is necessary to keep that offender from pursuing you as escape the situation.

    I train in a reality-based self defence system (krav maga) and that is what we are taught.

  3. Yes, it's true that there are times that you "kick a bloke when he's down" particularly if it's some guy from Yemen with an ax, but Anderson is correct. Some cultures are more violent, some should simply not be allowed to contaminate the western culture already existing in Australia. The politically correct idea promoted by leftards that all cultures are equally good is nonsense and a threat to peoples lives and also to western culture and ideals.

    For the sake of political correctness politicians will turn a blind eye to this issue or make excuses. They'll say that not all people are like that (which is true), but they'll also say that we have to be tolerant and accepting of different cultures, for diversity sake and to show them we care and other such stuff. But this attitude is not only stupid it's insane and incredibly destructive. Strength, success, and peace, do not come from diversity, they come from unity. Disunity and violence come from allowing inferior cultures into a country and allowing them to function as a separate country. Which is exactly what you are seeing happen all over the western world. Australia and the rest of the western world need to be able to that our culture is better and demand that people who seek to live there either assimilate or go home. If a culture can't do that, if it can't see the value in it's own existence, it cannot survive.

    This is not to say that immigration should stop. If people come from these third world hell holes to assimilate into western culture and become Australians, then they will be strong assets to the culture precisely because they understand the value of what they have and how much better it is than what they left behind. But if they don't and you let them create little pocket hell holes in Australia, then things will only get worse and they will destroy the country in the end.

  4. Given his love of weapons, MK must be a Lebanese-Indochinese-Pacific Islander.

    - Dave

  5. I remember that we were all wary of first and second generation Italian youths in the 1960s' as they were known to carry knives. Seems nothing much has changed

  6. Eugene, it's us doing the assimilating. Look at the popularity of glassing these days. It's even a legal term, as reported in major newspapers "a footballer was charged with glassing his girlfriend".

  7. "Given his love of weapons, MK must be a Lebanese-Indochinese-Pacific Islander."

    LOL, close but no cigar.

    Back to the post, Anderson does have a point, however unless you can convince the knife-carriers to lay down their weapons, there's no point whining at them about it and insisting on leaving yours at home.

    It might be Aussie culture, but if one looks at the history of the westerner, he's never whined at anyone for bringing a gun to a knife-fight, he's just turned up with bigger and deadlier guns and thrown in some bombs too.

    We ought to remember that in places like Texas and the other gun loving states of the USA, there are also immigrants living amongst the westerner, and you don't hear of any ethnic knife gangs and what not terrorizing whiteys. That's because on some level they know whitey will shoot back.

    The way i see it, instead of whining at our politicians to pass yet another stupid, dangerous law banning weapons, begging others to abide by such laws and living on our knees, we should live like real westerners. When they come at you with modern or primitive methods of killing, go back at them with deadlier and more efficient tools of killing, just like you always have.


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