ABC News - A 16-year-old charged over the brutal bashing of a man in a wheelchair has been remanded in custody. A 35-year-old Canadian national is having surgery for a fractured skull after being attacked by two teenagers near Mt Druitt station in Sydney's west last night. Police say as the man entered a lift one of the attackers punched him in the face, causing him to fall onto the ground. They say the teenagers stomped on his body, tried to take his belongings and hit his head with metal bars. They allegedly returned to attack the man again but were arrested after a chase on foot.
I saw the footage on the evening news today and it's really sickening, these vermin attacked a fellow in a wheelchair and beat the tripe out of him. The media were good enough to tell us the ethnicity of one of the scumbags, pacific islander [Update - That's been quietly removed from every report I can see now] yeah what a shock! Naturally a lot of people are really angry over it, so am I, but also depressed, because ultimately these two worthless pieces of shit are under 18, so that means they end up in the children's court.

So that means they'll never be named, they'll be protected and coddled all the way through to the trial and beyond and at worst they'll have to serve a year or two with play stations, free movies, pizzas etc, all on the tax payer in juvenile detention. Then it'll be back on the welfare queue sucking away at full steam off society. I'd be most surprised if either one serves any hard time at all. Most likely they'll be let off with a warning of some sort or a suspended sentence while this poor fellow is told to get lost and get over it. The lack of justice is simply shameful.

Personally I wish this poor fellow had one of these and had done society a favor. But we don't believe in all that, apparently being beaten and bashed nearly to death is far better than being able to look after yourself.


  1. ABC naturally blurred the faces of our little darlings on the CCTV footage of their spree. Sky News didn't bother, and I guess neither did 9 as it was a shared story.

    Once they've been charged the media should not identify them as their scum-sucking leftist legal defence will use that to get them off on a technicality.

  2. Didn't take long for their concern over the bashed fellow to evaporate did it.

    I hear the sister of one of them today saying he was an angel and all them. Yeah i'm sure the piece of shit sold cookies on the weekend for cancer funds too.

  3. It seems you may have the same problems with recent immigrants that we have here in the states. As I understand the prisons in CA are overrun by Mexican nations far out of proportion to their population in the state. Here in the deep south the numbers of blacks in prisons is far far greater than their representation in the general population. Of course those of the liberal persuasion will say that's because of their poor economic status and the inability to obtain adequate defense counsel. I say bullshit.


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