Vermin accountable to no one!

Daily Mail - A father was free to use his daughters as sex slaves for three decades because more than 100 care workers were too scared to stop him, a devastating report revealed yesterday. The two sisters suffered more than 1,000 rapes, became pregnant 18 times and had seven children by their perverted father. Yet for ten years they were on the Child Protection Register, supposedly being monitored by social services. Astonishingly, care workers were aware of repeated allegations of incest but did nothing because they wrongly feared they could be sued for breaching confidentiality.

The 57-year-old father, who was given 25 life sentences at Sheffield Crown Court in November 2008, ran rings around the authorities by controlling his daughters through fear and moving house 67 times. Yesterday a Serious Case Review spelled out a catalogue of shocking failures by 28 separate agencies and more than 100 care workers. ...But despite the litany of errors nobody was sacked or even disciplined for failing to stop one of the most horrific abuse cases in decades - and all are hidden behind a cloak of anonymity.
I guess this is the sort of effed up mess you get when you have leftists in government running the entire show. Those poor girls were subjected to horrific abuse for 30 years, 30 fucking years and no one did a damn thing about it and no one will get sacked or horse-whipped over it. Oh yeah, they'll send the cops around cos a kid called another 'gay'; they'll take children away if you don't feed them junk food; they'll take your baby away because you're a soldier; they'll take you to court if you don't want your kids to learn the joys of taking it up the ass; they'll destroy your life and family when you blow the whistle on their incompetence and callousness; they'll falsely accuse you of child abuse and take your children away.

But if you're a rapist angling for some fresh victims or like the above bastard raping away for years and years, it's all good, social services is your friend. No one will be punished, no one will be sacked, no one will be named and shamed, no minister will resign or be sacked. All you'll ever get is some worthless apology that they can shove up their ass.

And you know what's worse, not one of these worthless cockroaches will call for the aforementioned rapist to be taken out the back and shot in the head. All you'll get is some pc-waffle not worth listening to. A vile pox upon them all.

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