Worst city for cars

Drive - Motorists looking to enjoy the wind flow through their hair, the grunt under their bonnet and cash in their pockets should steer clear of Sydney and head west. New research from Virgin Car Insurance uncovered which of the eight capital cities and 30 largest regional cities in Australia are the best and worst for motorists.

Perth topped the list, proving to be the cheapest state capital city to buy petrol, park a car and has no toll roads. Other motorist-friendly cities include Darwin (2nd), Hobart (3rd) and Adelaide (4th).

Having the highest population in Australia, Sydney proved to be the worst ranked capital city in which to own a car based on cost of registration, parking fines, road tolls and petrol prices.

Combine that with the cost of buying a home, the crime, cost of renting, the shonky health care and Sydney turns out to be a real shithole! Thanks so much Labor, just over a decade and you've turned a fine city into Australia's worst shithole city. I hope you cockroaches are real proud of yourselves.


  1. Sydney is quite hilly, making it unsuitable for cycle-commuting. Public transport has been rendered almost unusable (not to mention expensive) by one of the most criminally incompetent governments in AUstralian history. You are pretty much forced to use your car for your commute to work, or at least part of the way - drive to the nearest train station and take your chances on public transport. Meanwhile local councils, who have become incompetent doing their core business - collecting the garbage - are conducting shock and awe tactics against parking. Meters are popping up overnight, and formerly all-day parkings zones are now 4 hour zones making then useless for commuters. Recently, where I park my car, several parking spaces which are used daily by commuters have been designated disabled-only and subsequently are never used. The cost of the signage and raised blue paint on the tarmac would have cost thousands. But I guess they can always send out the parking rangers to raise more funds.

  2. Yeah, between the roaches at council and the roaches in state government and now, roaches in canberra, we're getting screwed from all sides, top and bottom too.


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