When homos are sent to war

News.com.au - A RETIRED US general today said Dutch UN troops defending Srebrenica in the Bosnian war failed to prevent the 1995 genocide partly because their ranks included openly gay soldiers. John Sheehan, a former NATO commander and senior Marine officer, made the remarks at a senate hearing where he argued against plans by US President Barack Obama to end a ban on allowing gays to serve openly in the US military.

Gen Sheehan said that after the end of the Cold War, European militaries changed and concluded "there was no longer a need for an active combat capability". He said this "socialiSation" process "included open homosexuality" and led to "a focus on peacekeeping operations because they did not believe the Germans were going to attack again or the Soviets were coming back".
On a side note, this socialization process is the very thing that obama and the rest of his demotards are hellbent on foisting upon America. However, unlike the euro-gayboys who had American military might to turn to if things turned to shit, who does America have to turn to when things turn to shit just like they did in europe. More importantly, who does the rest of the western world have to turn to if there is no America?

Most of us cannot even contemplate a world where we can't siphon off a bit of the neighbors earnings or at least have a say in how the company down the road spends its profits. Heck, we can't even muster the brains to demand the right to defend ourselves on our streets when no one else will. So forget about giving up the social programs in favor of holding the line. In essence, it's America or bust!

Back to the euro gayboys.
"The case in point that I'm referring to is when the Dutch were required to defend Srebrenica against the Serbs," he said, referring to the UN peacekeeping force deployed to protect Bosnian Muslim civilians. "The battalion was understrength, poorly led, and the Serbs came into town, handcuffed the soldiers to the telephone poles, marched the Muslims off and executed them."

The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Carl Levin, pressed him to clarify his comments about Srebrenica. "Did the Dutch leaders tell you it (the fall of Srebrenica) was because there were gay soldiers there?" asked an incredulous Senator Levin.

"Yes," Gen Sheehan said and added: "They included that as part of the problem."
You know, I really hope that someone doesn't pull out some study or fancy paper that proves this. Think about it folks, we live in a well connected world, you all know that your local leftards are always looking for some policy or idea that has failed spectacularly elsewhere in the world. The worse the failure elsewhere, the stronger their need to foist the same shit upon you back home.

Imagine someone shows a study proving that homos in the army turns it to shit, the leftards will move heaven and earth, even sacrifice themselves quite happily, to screw over the most advanced and devastating fighting force in history. Heck, they're doing it right now to shove socialized healthcare on America, that it's failed everywhere else and that Americans don't want it is of no consequence.

If it wasn't an expensive failure every where else, they wouldn't want it so desperately. If you want leftist retards to give up socialized health, convince them that it's a raging success everywhere else and leads to far smaller government.

But then you'll have to tell lies, shred your integrity and become a sniveling cockroach, sort of like a leftist.


  1. The problem is they are gays first and soldiers second. I did a post here on AWH a couple of years back on gays enthusiastically signing up to the Bondi surf lifesaving club. Maybe one day it will be renamed the Bondi Surf Lifestyle Club? To me it looks like it was more about parading in their Speedos than saving lives.

  2. One of the problems with allowing politicians who despise the military to force this sort of crap on the armed forces is that it invariably leads to all sorts of other kinds of politically correct programs. The soldiers spend more and more time learning how to be sensitive to the freaks that start showing up in their ranks (not to mention outright traitors like major Hasan) and less time training how to be soldiers. This in turn leads to low morale and poor fighting readiness.

    The Dutch also have some other problems with their military. For example, I believe they have a union for the enlisted ranks. Try to imagine a general try to run a war while having to deal with a corporal who is the leader of the local union. Not good. This is a result of political correctness as well.

  3. A lot like the islamists aren't they ar. Odd, i know.

    And that's exactly the way the left want it Eugene. After all, they don't believe in using force and such, they prefer to go to the UN or some such useless body.

  4. Don't forget Bob Brown, the shirt lifting Greens politician, who wants our Australian soldiers to be taught negotiation skills, presumably so they can sit down and have a little knees-up and a chin-wag with the other side, if they come to invade us.

    Yet, there are people who actually VOTE for these fruit loops.


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