Australia a nanny state - Mark Webber has been accused of undermining Victoria's road safety campaign after he called Australia a "bloody nanny state" in the wake of Lewis Hamilton’s run-in with the Melbourne police last Friday. Lewis Hamilton had his car impounded after he was caught ‘hooning’ – Aussie slang for driving like a boy racer.

"It's a great country, but we've got to be responsible for our actions and it's certainly a bloody nanny state when it comes to what we can do. Lewis has found out very quickly," the Red Bull driver said. "I think we've got to read an instruction book when we get out of bed - what we can do and what we can't do ... put a yellow vest on and all that sort of stuff. It p***** me off coming back here, to be honest."
It always invokes a laugh when I hear my fellow Australians huffing and puffing when someone states the truth. Most of us really do think that we're free, but we've largely been a nanny state for years now. The roads are but one example, they're so oppressive and sometimes just stupid, it's unbelievable. Let me give some examples.

The other day, I was stopped at a red light, waiting to turn right and I had the red arrow. There were no on coming cars, so I could safely go, but no, I cannot because some road safety asshole has deemed that I'm too stupid to look ahead of me and judge whether there is oncoming traffic or not. So I have to sit there and wait like a brainless moron to be told what to do.

The other red arrow is the one given for pedestrians, you're stopped at a light turning left, some pedestrian asshole presses the button to cross, then runs across the road. When the light goes green, you get the red arrow giving way to nothing and no one, but you have to wait there because nanny says you must wait.

The other source of irritation are the asshole cyclists, if they're not holding the traffic up with their road-is-to-share shit, then they're riding through red lights and breaking the rules willy nilly. None of us can do that, some are more equal you see. If they scratch your car and run off, well suck it up chump, oh and cough up too. If you don't like it, then call your local politician and they'll tell you, the road is there to share, nanny says so.

The most recent "do something" brain-fart from our nanny state has been released, hidden speed cameras to be dotted around the state run by private companies to catch us speeding. As it is every poor bastard on the road slows down to crawling speed when they go past a camera. They have good reason because if they fuck up and get a fine, not even Lord Jesus could appeal to the assholes running the fine collection company. All you'll get is a letter telling you in the most polite words to go fuck yourself.

Now we're going to have private companies who'll be paid based on the number of fines they collect on us. Yeah, they'll be real honest about it too, no incentive to fiddle the cameras or anything folks, no worries. It's from all those government services that we sheeple keep bleating for, someone's got to pay people.

Nanny says speed kills, never mind that thousands travel every day on roads at speeds that would make nanny have a heart attack and still live. No, nanny says speed kills and to take your foot of the gas pedal, so just do it. They should really just ban cars, that way no one will die on the roads and nanny will be pleased.

And if it's not the nanny state with its strong and unrelenting arm around your shoulder pushing you to do what it knows is best for you, it's one of us. You know who I'm talking about, the irritating assholes who sit in the fast lane on whatever speed they feel is safe enough and just won't get the fuck out of your way. If you're ever in a hurry, you'll encounter one of these assholes before long, and almost always this sanctimonious jerk-off is driving alongside someone else in the slow lane, so there is just no way around them.

You see, they've deemed what the limit is and you will obey them or else. To be fair, not all are of this fascist nature, many are just too stupid to know other wise. I still remember one day when I was just pottering along in the 3rd lane, there was a fellow in the far lane pottering along as well. The cars were tail-gating him, driving around and everything. About 3 kms later, I saw why, he wanted to turn right.

The lack of basic driving skills is astounding, if you're ever not in a hurry which is probably never, just do the following to see what I'm talking about. Say you're in a 60 zone on a two lane each-way, stay in the slow lane and drive at 50 and you'll soon see what I'm talking about. They'll queue up behind you, getting visibly frustrated and unable to do anything.

I do it sometimes when I'm not in a hurry, especially when there is a passing lane, I don't like to hurry for no reason, too much wear and tear and it puts you at risk of making a mistake. Some know how to pass, but there are idiots out there who just won't be able to, they'll sit there mile-after-mile like a procession of sheep until it's time for them to turn off. The fast lane can be empty for miles but they won't be able to do it.

Signal, check, move into passing lane, pass, signal, return to slow lane. Too much for far too many. The easiest way to see that they don't really want to drive at that speed, pull over into the fast lane and watch them hurry by.

Just heard on the radio how an alliance of doctors, police and whoever else want to ban certain alcoholic drinks after a certain time. That's the nanny state for you Australia, always out to push you around and make you do what they know is best for you. From the roads to the food you eat, nanny always knows best.

I have to agree Mark Webber, it is a nanny state, only point of contention is that, I think the UK is a bigger nanny state than Australia.



    Here's the Nanny State now. It wants to help us, 'cause it "cares"......

  2. That'll be next, cameras in homes, just to make sure everything is fine.

  3. The ninnies are killing the daycare industry. In a few years, daycare will be either cactus or too expensive due to the plethora of regulations, policies and so on issued every month. Carers are quitting in droves due to the bureaucracy, stupidity and paperwork.

    The problem is that the nannies have a job for life, and many of them feel that they must be doing something to justify their office, salary, budget and so on, so they keep on churning shit out. They should all be employed on a short term contract to produce something specific as and when required - like every few years. That would help to stamp this rubbish out. They all have this idea of, "I have to be seen to be doing something - otherwise, I will be out of a job". Trouble is, the fuckers are going to put everyone else out of a job first.


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