Who are the real fascists

The ones above are the anti-fascists, the bwave ones fighting nazis, the SS, genocide and the all that. I feel sorry for the cops who had to deal with these vermin, they'll need a good bath, may I suggest something anti-bacterial, lest they catch something from them.

The ones below are apparently the fascists, the ones out to wreak violence, death and mayhem. Given the past bias the Daily Mail has shown against these people, I doubt very much that they held some pictures back. So you look at the pictures and you decide, check out the source article too, they have some video too. And check out the flags being waved and carried by the so-called 'fascists'.

If you look closely, you'll even see the Israeli flag on the EDL side, even the American flag is there. Yeah real nazi-loving fascists those. Notice too how the cops are turned away from them, that's how dangerous and violent they are.

Good on the EDL I say, more power to them, I'd give them my vote if I were a Brit.


  1. UAF's behavior makes "As" a more appropriate, and correct, word for what the A stands for - United As Fascism.

  2. Exactly Robert, the brownshirts of today are wearing green and over on the left.


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