No one saw, no one heard, no one asked - A BYSTANDER has been injured as a large group of teenagers attacked another group with knives and chairs at a shopping centre in Melbourne's east. The brawl broke out at the Whitehorse Plaza shopping centre in Box Hill at about 5pm (AEDT) yesterday, police said.

The armed group set upon the second group, with the fight eventually spilling on to Whitehorse Rd and surrounding streets. One by-stander suffered a cut to the head but did not need medical treatment. Nine males have been arrested.
Gee I wonder who they were, couldn't have been some of those muslim savages from Sudan or Somalia, no sir, no way in hell. Must have been some of those crazy white kids, Baptists vs Anglicans or something, it's on for young and old baby. Had a look on some of major media sites, most are not even carrying the story, the ones that do are very quiet about who they were. Just teenage males having a feisty argument, maybe Asian monks in training practicing their kung fu, you just can't be told you see.

Wouldn't want any of you getting a whiff of their precious multiculti turning to shit, wouldn't want any of you asking some hard questions about our glorious weapons laws, immigration and such. Best you lot are kept cowed, dumb and ignorant, it's an election year you know, kevvie and his labortards need their media lick-spittles to go all the way this time.

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