Must not mention testicles in beer ad

We read:

"Foster's has pulled an advertising campaign that it admitted was too risque for TV just days after it released it online. The series of seven ads for Carlton Draught, which make reference to "man plums" and "goolies", were put on the internet last Wednesday.

The company aborted a TV campaign in late February days before it was due to go to air, after senior executives in the listed alcohol manufacturer got cold feet about the ads. The company then decided that having spent the best part of the $200,000 in fees and production, it felt compelled to release it on the internet in the hope that somehow only its target market of 18- to 30-year-old men would see it.

That strategy appears to have failed and in the past few days, as the ad got more talked about and viewed on the internet - normally something that every marketer craves - Foster's management pulled the plug, fearing a public relations backlash.


"Goolies" is actually Scottish slang. It is very rare for Australians to call them anything but "balls". Video at link. Americans often seem to deal with a similar sensitivity by using a Spanish word: "cojones". For some reason, using the Spanish word seems quite respectable. "Cojones" is not listed in my Spanish dictionary so I gather that it is a slang term too. Spanish slang is OK, apparently. All very strange.

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