The parasites will not go quietly!

Daily Mail - Britain is in the grip of a wave of militancy by millions of public sector workers as unions threaten to 'unleash hell' on an incoming Conservative government. Alarming figures reveal the number of days lost to strike action in the public sector is now 15 times higher than in the private sector, prompting concerns about the growing readiness of union leaders to flex their muscles. These figures are particularly startling as it is private sector workers that have so far borne the brunt of the recession, taking the vast majority of pay cuts, pay freezes and redundancies.
I've always worked in the private sector and I can tell you, I've never entertained the idea of a strike, strike and you'll be on permanent strike. Some of us have been booted out of work and are still looking as the GFC wears on, let alone worry about the level of the pay rise. But not so in the public sector, there they strike, bitch and whine about everything and even whine about the pay rise being too small.

This ought to serve as a lesson for all westerners, this is what happens when you let government grow and grow, eventually it turns on you and you can't control it anymore. The problem now is that whether it be conservative government or leftist government, these workers hold real power and they are not going to let you cut their entitlements without a fight. Even the conservatives will have to make deals with them because there will always be enough fools who'll buy into the lies peddled by the unions.

Ultimately they'll get what they want and you can't do shit about it, they'll keep sucking away getting nice and fat, while you all keep getting leaner and leaner. But carry on dipshits, the day will come when you parasites have finally sucked everything out of the productive and they just grind to a complete stop, then watch it all fall down in a catastrophic heap.

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  1. I guess Cameron is going to have to get in touch with his dark side (or inner Thatcherite) to stand up to these bullies. Assuming he has one, and is not just the low-fat powder puff he seems to be.


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