Guard threatened with prison-crafted 'shiv' as six teens make daring escape from Parkville's Juvenile Justice Centre

Interesting that only one of them appears to be of Northern European/British appearance, despite people of that ethnicity being the overwhelming majority of the Australian population.

Equally interesting that Victoria police refused to issue the pictures. It took a court order to get the pictures released. Victoria police are deeply committed to hiding from the public the huge problem of ethnic crime. I'm glad I don't live in Melbourne. A lot of Queensland police are thugs but they are not compulsorily dishonest and deceptive

THE Police Association has slammed the inadequacies of the state's justice system as the faces of six 'desperate' teens who escaped from a juvenile justice centre last were finally revealed.

The teens, aged between 15 and 17, fled the Parkville Juvenile Justice Centre about 10pm last night and are believed to have already committed an armed robbery on a Coles supermarket and stolen a car. can now reveal the faces and names of the escapees, after a court order was issued granting permission for their use.

Police have named them as: Jason Vaivao, 15, Liam Groeneveld, 17, Rodrigo Magele, 16, Vincent Pua, 16, Tony Ulu, 15 and Robert Marshall, 16.

Police Association secretary Sen-Sgt Greg Davies said the escape showed the inadequacies of the justice system.

"Incidents like this show how police are often stuck on a merry-go-round where they pick up people committing crimes, drop them at the exit and by the time the merry go round comes again the offenders are standing waiting to get back on the ride,’’ Sen-Sgt Davies said.

"It highlights that people with a propensity for violence or who commit serious offences, regardless of age, should be dealt with by the full force of the law and not be put in a position where they can walk away....

The six youths were serving sentences for various offences, including some for assault and armed robbery and were said to be wearing blue tracksuits when they escaped.



5 out of 6 have now been recaptured and the original article and pictures have been taken down. For some strange reason, however, I took the precaution of saving the picture to disk -- and have reposted it from a new location above.

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  1. Aside from the obvious points you have made, I find it hard to believe that a court actually made an order to the detriment of these criminals. I thought the courts were there to facilitate the state's efforts in coddling crooks, and impeding any progress the police might make in reducing crime.

  2. If the police released the pictures someone might provide a tip that might force them to do their jobs and arest the excapees thus violating their civil rights. Can't have that.

  3. i waz in port phillip prison with jason and leam and i tel ya leam shuld NEVER EVER be let out he is a mental case and will never change :)

    1. oi 'bunny rabbit' i cant wait till my bloke gets out, FREE LIAM!!!.
      Dont be hating coz they think your a goose.

  4. lolz goes to show how easy it is if 6 teens can do it maybe they should give some real criminals a go see if they can escape and point out some flaws of the security system

  5. jason an vincent just have no respect for anyone or the law they just go around bashing people for nothing an now still to this day its still happening in sunshine by the same group of boys that jason an vincent hang around.. i just dont dont get how the police dont see whats going on there.. i think the police need to go have a good look at sunshine.. an not just show up there every now and again.. i think there needs to be a mob van set up smack in the midd of sunshine staion... thank you :)

  6. i think vincent and jason should never be released there just vicious criminal an they are evil minded blokes..they have no respect for any one they just don't give two fucks about the law.but hey most of the boys that grow up in sunshine are like that thank you....:)

  7. Consequencies of escape from jail
    severity of punishment for a prison escape may depend on several different factors. If, in the attempt, the prisoner harmed guards, or civilians, damaged property, or committed additional crimes such as robbery or assault, the penalties are typically quite stiff. Committing a murder while attempting an escape is considered a special circumstance that may incur the possibility of the death penalty in some regions.
    So never try to escape from jail it is a crime in court of law:


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