How low must rudd go

The Australian - KEVIN Rudd double-crossed Morris Iemma in 2008, withdrawing a guarantee to throw the former NSW premier a lifeline in his battle with the unions over electricity privatisation. The claim, which raises new question marks over the Prime Minisyer’s credibility, is made in a new book on the events that split NSW Labor down the middle in 2007 and 2008, by Daily Telegraph political writer Simon Benson. While the fact Mr Rudd welched on a key deal with Mr Iemma has been part of NSW political folklore since Mr Iemma was tossed out of office in a caucus revolt in September, 2008, Benson’s book is the first time Mr Iemma has confirmed the story in detail.

According to Mr Iemma, Mr Rudd approached him in September, 2007, and asked him to delay his push to privatise NSW electricity assets until after the federal election, in order to delay a damaging brawl with the unions. “Work with me and, when the time comes, we can f--- them together,” Mr Rudd allegedly told Mr Iemma of the unions. But when the time came, and Mr Iemma’s plan was rejected by Labor’s state conference, Mr Rudd refused to use his authority as prime minister to direct the party’s federal executive to back Mr Iemma.
I still remember when this happened, when Iemma was knifed in the back. Up until then he was ploughing ahead confident that he'd get his way on privatization and I remember thinking, how is he going to do this without the help of the unions, I guess now we know who he was counting on to have his back, a weasel of the lowest order.
Not only has kevin rudd betrayed the nation for his own image and pathetic ego, he's betrayed his own people. Surely, it's time we the people voted this disgraceful weasel and his party out of power. Surely, he doesn't have to go any lower than this.


  1. Who cares what he does to other Labor scumbags? He can knife as many of them as he wants. Worry more about what he is doing to the country.

    In this case it's better that Iemma was duped. Imagine what would have happened to the money if that mob had got hold of $5-10bn for selling our infrastructure assets.

  2. Well yes, but how do leftists look themselves in the mirror, knowing this is who they're propping up.

    For the rest of us, I think it speaks volumes about the character of the man, should such a man lead this nation, after all, he is our representative.

  3. MK, leftists look in the mirror with 100% confidence they are doing the right thing. If leftists ever started thinking the ends did not justify the means, well... they might just be on the way to recovery and thinking like a conservative.


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