Trying to whine out of consequences - TENS of thousands of Greeks demonstrated in Athens and other cities today in the second general strike this month against a debt-dictated pension reform and government spending cuts. About 17,000 people demonstrated in the capital and about 5000 more marched in second city Thessaloniki, according to police estimates, calling on the Socialist government to drop pay cuts and a controversial pension reform.

..."These measures take us 150 years back," read a banner borne by protesters. "We want the government to take back these measures which freeze our pay rises and force us to stay longer in the workforce," said Maria Grigoropoulou, a cosmetics store employee. "We will continue our struggle and we will not back down," she said.

..."We are here to send a strong message to the government, the Brussels directorate, the IMF and all those pencil pushers who are targeting the social, labour, pension and economic rights of employees," Stathis Anestis, a leading member of the General Confederation of Workers (GSEE), said in a speech to protesters.
I'm starting to wonder if all the taxpayers of Europe and elsewhere ought abandon Greece. Think about this, they're ones on the brink of falling into the sewer and they're still carrying on about wages and retirement age. It seems these assholes think that money grows on trees, perhaps they need to be taught a hard lesson.

Well then why don't you increase the minimum wage, lower the retirement age to 40 or some feel-good figure like that, throw in some bonuses and sneer at any pencil pushers who might protest at such stupidity. Maybe then when the country is flat broke, can't get a cent from anyone and has to resort to trading in chickens and eating from dumpsters, the above mentioned halfwits might wake their ass up. Forget going back 150 years, it'll be like going back to the days of Persian aggression.

It'd be really nice to make these morons wallow in the stupidity they've created, but then much of Europe would collapse and with it a lot of our own financial sector that's invested our money in them. So unfortunately, the stupid prats in Greece can carry on being stupid prats, caterwauling and throwing tantrums while the adults have to make the hard decisions and be pilloried for it at the same time.

I just wonder though, how many more of these insolent prats can the western world take before breaking.


  1. This is really unfair. Greek businesses have spent 150 years trying to get rid of lazy Greek workers and now that they have finally had some small success by forcing the loafers into early retirement the government is going to force them back on the payroll! Do greek businesses actually produce anything of value?

    On a more serious note, one should pay attention to the fact that countries like Germany and even the US where worker don't get to retire so soon and wich produe much more wealth will be expected to bail out the Greek. Working harder to earn more just means that the government can take more from you and give it to people who won't work for it. Eventually, people will either wake up and start saying no, or they will decide its a waste of time to work hard only to loose it to people won't work.

  2. I don't believe they'll be forcing them back to the same company, more like, you need to reach an older age before you can weasel onto the pension fund.

    But you are right in that people are getting tired, those that pay for all this shit. I'm hearing a lot of anger and frustration among people who work these days. They're all asking, why should i bother when all i'm doing is working to fund all these useless pustules.

    One way or another liberal ideology is going to screw itself, it's just a matter of time and who is going to do the screwing.


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